Wilmington Symphony Orchestra host 15k and 5k

Wilmington Symphony Orchestra host 15k and 5k
Runners participate in Wilmington symphony orchestra 15k and 5k (Source: WECT)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - As the new year kicks off, people are taking advantage of the many races being held around the area. The Wilmington Symphony Orchestra held a 15k and 5k fundraiser in Brunswick Forest Sunday morning.

About 300 people registered to run and while several who ran were a part of the symphony, a lot of those who ran did it because it was something fun to do.

Susan and Jenny Cheng aren’t avid runners but plan to participate in a marathon happening in March as part of their new years resolution. Jenny says they are using today’s event to help them train for that marathon.

“Just new goals, set new goals. New things to achieve each new year,” Susan Cheng says.

Jenny says it’s also a way to help her stay fit.

“New year, be more fit, more healthier, just something different," said Jenny Cheng.

Interim executive director of Wilmington Symphony Orchestra reminded participants that their next concert will be January 26 at the Wilson center at 7:30 p.m..

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