“Get Fit With 6” Expo & 5K run held in downtown Wilmington

“Get Fit With 6” Expo & 5K run held in downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - One of the most popular new years resolutions are to getting fit and healthy. We at WECT wanted to help give you a jumpstart with that with our “Get Fit With 6” expo and 5K run at the Coastline Convention Center.

The WECT family helped the community get ready mentally and physically to earn the gold by leading some warm up exercises. Several vendors were on-hand at the expo to educate people about mental and physical health and ways to better yourself.

Throughout the day the community was able to participate in activities, such as a one mile run for kids, all leading up to the big 5K run.

America Ninja Warrior veteran Solomon Harvey showed up to explain his fitness journey.

“If I could give you any advice to start your journey into fitness or continue your journey take it one step at a time don’t be in a rush to follow someone else’s path." said Harvey. "Do your own thing, take your own pace. That might be slower or faster than somebody else’s and that’s okay. Just do your thing.”

For a glimpse around the convention center during the expo portion of the event and a look at the WECT crew & members of the community cross the finish line, check out the WECT News Facebook page.

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