First Alert Forecast: classic midwinter weather

First Alert Forecast: classic midwinter weather
The latest from your First Alert Weather Team... (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Good Thursday to you! Step outside for even a split second and you'll feel it. The much heralded cold air has arrived! And it's here to stay through the weekend and into at least part of next week. Check out your First Alert Planning Forecast and please pay special attention to these key points:

- Winds will add an extra nip! Even as Thursday’s temperatures fight their way to the 40s, northwest winds of 5 to occasionally 15 mph will consistently pin wind chills to the 20s and 30s.

- The first hard freeze of 2019... Thursday night’s temperatures will dive to late night lows in the middle and upper 20s. Please take steps to protect people, pets, and even exposed pipes!

- The next rain maker will take the form of light, spotty weekend rain showers. Expect neither flooding nor severe storms. Wintry precipitation ought to stay well northwest of the Cape Fear Region.

- Tailor your forecast! The forecast you see here is valid for the Wilmington zone of your WECT Weather App. Tap into the app from your location for numbers more tailored to fit you!

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