Christmas tree brings 100 praying mantises into woman’s home

Christmas tree brings 100 praying mantises into Virginia woman’s home

SPRINGFIELD, VA (WJLA/CNN) – Before Molly Kreuze tossed out her Christmas tree, it had one last gift for her.

“Bugs, crawling on the walls, crawling on the ceilings,” Kreuze said. “They’re fast. They jump.”

More than 100 praying mantises popped out of a brown egg case that was under one of the tree branches.

To catch the little guys, Kreuze is using the simple combination of a box and an envelope.

Some people might have sucked up the bugs with a vacuum cleaner, but Kreuze is a veterinarian, so she’s feeding them fruit flies, and hoping to find them new homes.

“In my Googling, I discovered that people really like praying mantises,” she said. “They are useful, they eat other bugs. People use them for organic gardening.”

Though Kreuze doesn’t want the mantises, she knows what she does want: a fake Christmas tree for next year.

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