Residents cautiously optimistic that section of major road in Boiling Spring Lakes will reopen by mid-January

Residents cautiously optimistic that section of major road in Boiling Spring Lakes will reopen by mid-January

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WECT) - After Hurricane Florence caused a destructive washout, permanent repairs to one section of E. Boiling Spring Road in Boiling Spring Lakes are scheduled to be completed by mid-January, but permanent fixes to road infrastructure, including pipes and dams, will not be completed until June 2020.

E. Boiling Spring Road by Pine Lake will open back up between late next week and mid-January depending on weather and rain delays, according to Steve Abbott, assistant director of communications with N.C. Department of Transportation.

On Thursday, a large pipe was installed as part of the permanent repairs, said Abbott. Next, crews will backfill, connect the pipe, repave the road, and paint stripes.

A large crane, excavators, loaders, piles of dirt and rock sat by the road construction on a rainy afternoon Friday. Barnhill Contracting Company is performing the construction work.

“When it actually opens, I’ll be happy, but I don’t know if I believe it,” said William Davis, a resident of Boiling Spring Lakes.

E. Boiling Spring Road is an important thoroughfare through the city. The section of the road by Pine Lake closest to George II Highway has been shut down since Hurricane Florence caused flooding that tore up countless roads in Boiling Spring Lakes.

Residents have expressed concern that detours through neighborhood roads are unsafe and not capable of handling the traffic.

"To get to my house, you have to go through the woods. Thank the Lord I have a four-wheel drive," said Davis.

Potholes, uneven surfaces, and reckless drivers are among the problems Davis cites on the detour roads.

"If you take the side road coming from our house, and you go down it, everybody's flying down it, and it's absolutely dangerous," said Davis.

Construction delays to E. Boiling Spring Road by Pine Lake included utility cable conflicts, rain, and severe weather, according to Karen Collette, an NCDOT division engineer.

“The weather has caused additional delays as the contractor has had to stop operations to prepare for the rain events and correct any erosion control issues afterward,” Collette wrote in a December update. “Any additional significant rain events may delay operations as well.”

Storm-related expenses and damages to the City of Boiling Spring Lakes total about $20 million, according to a December update from City Manager Jeff Repp.

Permanent repairs to another section of E. Boiling Spring Road by North Lake will likely begin in Spring 2019 and will take about six weeks to complete.

Construction for dam repairs in Boiling Spring Lakes is scheduled to take place June 2019 to June 2020. The total cost of the four dams is estimated at $17.8 million.

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