New redistricting plan would switch Williston Middle School back into high school

New Hanover County Board of Education meets for the first time since shakeup in the November election

Proposal to change Williston from middle to high school

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - David Wortman, vice chair of New Hanover County Board of Education, provided a shakeup during a redistricting work session Thursday night by proposing a new idea which would move students from Williston Middle School and change it back into a high school.

The proposal, which is in its initial stages and still needs input from families, would redistribute sixth and seventh grade students at Williston to Myrtle Grove, Holly Shelter and Roland-Grise Middle Schools.

Only the eighth grade students would remain at Williston for the 2019-20 school year, and the school would later be turned back into a high school.

Wortman suggests turning Williston into an alternative high school, a performing arts or technical school.

“We’ve been hearing from a lot of parents that they don’t want their kids moved," said Wortman. "So I tried to think outside of the box and look at something that would be pretty cool for our community, having an arts high school like this they are prevalent throughout the state. They are extremely successful throughout the state. And it really brings Williston kind into the spotlight again. Moving Williston away from middle school and putting them in some of space in the Noble and Roland-Grise and Holly Shelter. To me it was a win-win.”

Wortman’s plan would involve moving 380 middle school students. The current fourth version of the plan proposes relocating 640 middle school students.

New redistricting plan would switch Williston Middle School back into high school

The board met for the first time Thursday since a big shakeup after the November election when three Republican members up for re-election were replaced by Democrats. The board meets again Tuesday, Jan. 8.

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