Surf City Town Council approves motion for oceanfront mega decks

Residents concerned over loud music, physical appearance of structure

Surf City Town Council approves motion for oceanfront mega decks

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Surf City could see more mega decks in its future even though residents have mixed feelings about it.

Town council in a 3-1 vote Wednesday night approved a motion for mega decks, which are structures up to 500 square feet on the oceanfront where a house would not be able to be built.

Some residents aren’t in favor of the new development because of possible deck parties that could result in loud music or the deck becoming an eyesore.

However, Bill Pelon, who owns two mega decks, couldn’t think of a better way to use the lots.

“We utilize it not just going up and laying out but also, we’ve got a bar there," Pelon said. “We have a refrigerator, freezer. It’s just nice things to have along with the grill. We can grill out and have access to the ocean.”

The town has two Coastal Area Management Act-approved mega decks.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, Surf City resident Marcus Norton said mega decks will eat away at available parking space, which could cause people to avoid the area altogether.

“You build a mega deck, you eliminate that public parking incrementally," Norton said. "You eliminate more and more and more every time you build one. Eventually the people are going to be looking for somewhere else that has easier access.

"Nobody has a problem with a simple crossover. That’s great but when you add 700 square feet of structure, that’s a different animal.”

Council members did not address parking concerns on Wednesday but those opposed to the motion hope it will be discussed at the next meeting.

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