Looking to shed some pounds in 2019? Fitness experts share tips

Looking to shed some pounds in 2019? Fitness experts share tips

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As we turn the page on 2018, many of us are looking to shed some holiday pounds and set fitness goals for the new year.

Fitness experts say it’s all about baby steps.

First off, don’t set unrealistic goals. Rather, try to set several attainable goals.

“A lot of times people have one goal, like they want to lose 50 pounds, and if you don’t do that in the first month, you end up getting discouraged and quitting,” said Nick Willi, owner of CrossFit Inside Out in Wilmington.

Willi says to set goals like losing body fat, eating healthier or playing with your kids more. Make goals that are more easily achieved, and when you see results, then add more goals.

He also suggests changing up your workout.

“Boredom is huge. You need novelty to mix it up," Willi said. "Try different exercises, or group exercises.”

Also, make a plan, and make one with a friend. This will help with accountability.

“The faster you realize you can’t do it on your own, the better off you are going to be,” said Willi. “We were built for community, so having a group is good. If it’s not a group, maybe having a coach for accountability."

Willi says it’s not just about fitness but eating better as well.

Try to limit processed foods and eat more raw foods. Flip over your food. Don’t just look at the numbers on the package, but look at the ingredients as well. Experts say the fewer ingredients the better.

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