Tips for planning a yard sale

Tips for planning a yard sale
Tips to plan your next yard sale

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The experts at has 101 tips with everything you need to know about planning and shopping a yard sale.

Here are a few:


- Join together with some neighbors for your yard sale if possible. The more stuff, the better sale.

- Schedule a yard sale or garage sale around the first of the month because that’s when people have the most money.

- Consider a pre-sale the Friday night before and invite your friends and coworkers. You may get rid of some bigger items that way.


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- Include a special list of items for sale

- Make your own yard sale signs. Include arrows directing people.

- Post the signs around heavily traveled intersections close to your sale.

- Don’t put your signs up until the morning of the sale, and only after you have most of your items laid out ready to go.


- Put a price on everything. Use removable stickers or masking tape that is easy to remove.

- For items you have a lot of like books or CDs, post a discount for buying several.

- Have a “Free” box for items you are anxious to get rid of and that don’t seem to have much value. Put it near the road to draw people in.

- Price lots of items under $1. Price most things under $5.


- Use tables to display small merchandise attractively. Place tables in a manner that will leave room for shoppers to browse without feeling crowded.

- Place similar items together.

- Separate your clothes according to size.

- Use a clothesline to display nice clothing.

- Put the bigger stuff towards the front so they can be clearly seen as people drive by.

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