Furniture Finders give hurricane victims a new start

Furniture Finders give hurricane victims a new start
Hurricane victim, Faye Grady searches for furniture as she tries to start over after losing everything to Florence. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hundreds of people in southeastern North Carolina are having to start over after losing everything in the hurricane. Furniture Finders is working to help make this uphill battle a little easier.

The non-profit collects used furniture and lets those in need, take it for free. Furniture Finders president, Livian Jones says so many people tell her they feel forgotten until they walk into their warehouse.

Hurricane victim, Faye Grady says she feels very grateful for what she has left from Florence but was shocked when she walked in.

“When I came in, I was so shocked to see this place full of furniture, full of anything that anybody can use,” Grady says.

Furniture Finders gave her a sofa, dishes, sheets, and even a stove. While browsing the warehouse, Grady saw a sign that really spoke to her.

“Be thankful, just like that sign says over there, be joyful always pray continually, gives thanks in all circumstances," Grady says.

All the furniture is donated through Catholic Charities. You can also sign up to get furniture as well by clicking here. Furniture stores such as Home Again, Custom Home Furnishings and Lazy Boy contribute furniture as well.

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