Preventing your holiday packages from porch poachers

Preventing your holiday packages from porch poachers

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Christmas is now less than a week away so it’s now a mad dash to get everything checked off the Christmas list and to make sure everything gets wrapped and put under the tree.

Many Americans will choose to do their shopping online this year to have the ease of getting their packages sent straight to their doors. Unfortunately, getting your package delivered straight to your door can make it easy for thieves to take them from your porch. According to a report from USA Today, nearly one third of Americans had their packages stolen in 2017.

Here are some was to ensure that your boxes don’t get swiped this year by porch pirates:

  • Installing security cameras: Although the camera can’t stop the thief from stealing the package, it’s a scare tactic to reduce the chance of it being stolen. Installing a front door camera is a good thing to have if someone does steal the package so the police get a good view of the thief to catch them. Some cameras can even capture the license plate numbers of cars linked to the individual. If someone steals a USPS package and get caught, that individual could face federal prison time and fines.
  • Signature for delivery: Requiring a signature from the sender can prevent your package from being stolen. If you instructed your sender to receive your personal signature at the time of delivery and that package was delivered and left unattended or lost, you can take legal action and you’ll receive a refund and or replacement of that item. 
  • Insure your packages: Getting insurance for your online shopping order is a good idea to make sure if the package is stolen, damaged or lost, that you’ll get a get a refund on that item or even a replacement. 
  • Get package delivered to your place of work: Getting your package delivered to your workplace is an option to take if you don’t want your delivery left unattended at your home. You’ll be able to receive the package yourself and safely bring it home without the chance of it being swiped. 
  • Use Amazon Locker: If you’re shopping with Amazon this season, instead of getting your package delivered to your home you can send it to Amazon Locker. All it requires is for you to punch in a specific code into the machine and it will give you your package. The Amazon Locker location in our area is at the Whole Foods on Oleander Dr. in Wilmington. 
  • Use Amazon Key: Amazon Key allows uses a camera and smart lock technology to allow delivery services to put your package inside your front door. You can also use this to get packages delivered to your car as well. 

If you’re package was stolen or is missing from your porch or mailbox, here are the actions you should take:

  • Watch security footage
  • Check the tracking location of you package to see if/ where it was delivered
  • Check the signature to see who signed for your package being delivered
  • Contact the sending company to report stolen/ misplaced package
  • Report stolen packages to local authorities and Postal Inspection Service