‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans' husband posts video of him aggressively towing a truck. Now, police are investigating

Published: Dec. 20, 2018 at 5:13 AM EST
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - David Eason, the husband of a Teen Mom 2 star, posted a video that appears to show him aggressively towing a truck away from a parking spot, and now police are investigating.

In an email, Eason said the vehicle was his friend’s truck, but WECT interviewed a man who claims it was actually his truck and that Eason verbally threatened him when he said he was calling police.

In the video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, Eason writes in the caption that he towed away the truck, because it was parked too close to his boat in an adjacent parking spot.

The incident appears to have happened on Second Street in Downtown Wilmington across the street from Village Market.

Eason is the husband of Jenelle Evans. Eason has appeared on the MTV show ‘Teen Mom 2’ and has become embroiled in recent controversies relating to guns and anti-LGBTQ comments.

WARNING: Strong language is used in the video.

The video shows a man attaching a cable to the back of a truck, which is parked just inches away from a boat in the next parking spot. He then uses another truck to aggressively pull the truck backward.

“There’s no money in the meter,” a woman, who sounds like Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans, can be heard saying. “Pull that mother****** away.”

The boat's motor was over the line into the truck's parking spot.

WECT reached out the Wilmington Police Department for comment.

“We were made aware of the video soon after it was posted online and immediately began investigating it. This is an absolutely inappropriate way to handle parking issues,” said WPD spokesperson Jennifer Dandron.

We also reached out to David Eason to learn more about the video. Eason replied, “I don’t have time to meet with you but this was my friends truck, I was just messing with him one day. Dont get into my personal business dude I’m just trying to get followers on YouTube geesh!”

After this article was first published on Wednesday afternoon, a man named Terry Hill reached out to WECT claiming that his truck was the one towed away by Eason in the video.

Hill, who is a construction supervisor, works in Downtown Wilmington. He said his truck had a handicapped sign, because Hill has bad knees, bad back, and bad legs.

While the video was published to YouTube in December, the incident in the video happened on June 13, 2018, according to Hill.

“When I pulled up into the parking space, the boat and the truck were sitting there," said Hill. “So I pulled up behind it, and I made sure I was legally in my parking space. It was between the white lines.”

In Downtown Wilmington, vehicles with legally-registered handicapped signs can park for free in metered spots.

Hill went to his workplace, but a short time later, a coworker noticed the towing incident and alerted Hill.

“It takes me a little while to get down the set of steps because of my knees. And I get down there, and he was hooking back up to his boat then. And my truck was sitting way back up in that man’s driveway at an angle," said Hill.

Hill approached Eason, and the two began talking.

“I said, ‘What in the world? What are you doing?’ And [Eason] was still hooking his boat back up, and he went to cussing and threatening me and all this mess, so I just took his number down from his truck,” said Hill.

Hill then dialed 911.

“I called the police, and he said, ‘I’m going to whoop your butt.’ And I said, ‘Go right ahead, that’s your privilege if you want to.' " said Hill. “He was just fussing and cussing. He just jumped in his truck, him and his girlfriend, and drove on off."

The police contacted him the next day, letting Hill know that the man was a star in the MTV show Teen Mom 2.

“I didn’t know know who he was. I had never seen him before, I had never heard of him. I don’t watch programs like that," said Hill.

Since the incident, Hill said he has had to repair his transmission and the power steering hose. He also believes moments edited out from the video show his truck hitting a streetside telephone pole.

“When you drag a truck back when it’s in gear, there’s no telling what you’re going to tear up, so I just let it go," said Hill. “The way the tires were turned, when he pulled it back, I think the telephone pole that sits really close to it, my mirror hit the telephone pole.”

Hill said he has no intentions to press charges against Eason, because of the costs and court time.

“I thought, ‘The man’s crazy. He is crazy,’" said Hill.

WPD is continuing to investigate to see if any charges will be filed.

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