Wilmington Tree Commission replants Greenfield Park

Wilmington Tree Commission replants Greenfield Park

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Staying true to tradition, the Wilmington Tree Commission planted 12 trees at noon Wednesday at Greenfield Park.

Since Hurricane Florence uprooted thousands of trees in Wilmington, it was perhaps more important to replant trees this year.

To many, planting trees might seem like something only gardeners would enjoy, but for Wilmington Tree Commission chair Sherry O’Daniell, it’s more than that. It not only helps replant Wilmington, but also gives the community health benefits too.

“We’re getting larger and larger," O’Daniell said. "More people are coming here. More cars are in the area. It actually helps filter out air pollutants in our air and it also basically calms people down.”

The tradition started because of the need to give back this time of year.

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