Interfaith vigil held for victims of gun violence

Interfaith vigil held for victims of gun violence

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Religious leaders and organizations came together Monday night to pray for the end of gun violence.

More than a dozen faith leaders came out for the prayer vigil hosted by Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence.

According to Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence, more than 30,000 lives have been taken this year due to gun violence.

Judy McKnight, the founder and president of Moms N Mourning, offered a prayer for victims and their families. McKnight lost her only son to gun violence 16 years ago.

“I buried him on his 21st birthday," McKnight said. "God moved me to get out and try to help others not to go through what we have gone through, to try to save our children. Our motto is, change your mind, change your child and if we can change our kid’s minds today, we can save a lot of them.”

McKnight talked about the hurt that comes with losing a loved one to violence, and the effect it has on survivors.

“Everybody loses to violence, not just our family who suffered the loss of a child, but that offender’s parents, that family loses a child to prison," McKnight said. "It’s a loss for everyone. We just want them to know that we want them to be inspired with life, to live the greatest life they can and not go out and take another’s life over something meaningless like drugs or words that were said on Facebook. There’s so much more to life than just that and our children sometimes do not think before they act and then we all suffer from it.”

Family and friends remembered loved ones by calling their names aloud, lighting glow sticks and observing a moment of silence.

This was the fourth annual interfaith prayer vigil held in conjunction with vigils around the country commemorating the Dec. 14 anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.

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