North Carolina coach Roy Williams shares memory about former President George H.W. Bush

UNC's Roy Williams on phone call

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WECT) - After North Carolina’s 97-69 win over UNCW on Wednesday night, Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams shared a special memory about former President George H.W. Bush, who died last Friday.

Williams first explained that he had a rule that he would never take a phone call if he had a player in his office.

“I don’t remember the year,” said Williams, “but I had a player in my office, and my secretary opened my door, and I asked her what she was doing.”

Williams’ secretary said the former president was on the phone for him.

“Tell him I’ll call him back,” Williams said he told his secretary.

After the meeting, Williams returned the president’s phone call and explained his policy.

“No one is important enough to stop a meeting with one of my players, not even the former president of the United States,” said Williams.

Bush had called hoping to get Tar Heel basketball tickets for his granddaughters.

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