Mom’s video goes viral as she searches for missing son

Mother's plea to find missing son

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Twenty-two weeks ago Sam Davis vanished from Charlotte’s Davis Lake subdivision. He was 25-years-old at the time. Those who love Sam, including his mother, Carol Mejia, have never stopped believing Sam is out there, somewhere.

Mejia has used social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, to keep Sam’s picture and case in people’s newsfeeds. She just wants answers. She just wants her son home.

Since he went missing his mother has posted videos and photos weekly. Close to four thousand people follow the “Find Sam Davis” Facebook page.

But it was an impromptu Facebook Live feed this week that has gone viral and is helping bring new light to the case of her missing son.

Impromptu video by Sam's mum asking for help to find her son.

Posted by Find Sam Davis on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday Carol says she had a particularly rough day. It had actually been a tough week! The body of missing Hania Aguilar was discovered in Robeson County. The holidays are close at hand. She was crying in her barn desperate for her son. That’s when Carol decided to go live on Facebook even though she felt unraveled.

“This is what it really feels like when nobody’s looking,” crying as she spoke the words Facebook Live.

While the video is agonizing to watch because it’s so raw, so real. A parents anguished cries for answers.

“Normally I sit in my living room, and I’m all composed, the I tell you what I think you need to know. And this is what it really looks like to have a child that is missing and not know where they are?” Carol says to followers, sobbing.

I went to Carol’s home in Lincoln County. I had been so moved by the video I wanted to see how we could help.

I asked her how she copes?

“Some days I treat it like a job. That's horrible but people have to know he is still missing! And people do not just disappear! It's impossible!”

We walked through the horse barn at her White Rose Equestrian Center where she has been teaching others to ride for years. She tells me she hasn’t gone back to working full-time since Sam disappeared. She doesn’t have the same passion right now. But she will, she tells me, when Sam is home.

She wants you to help her find Sam.

She wants you to share this story.

Please, she asks, “like” the Find Sam Davis Facebook page. Follow Find Sam Davis on twitter.

“Right now anything is possible and that’s the hardest part we just don’t know. It absolutely consumes me. It’s all I think about,” she said.

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