Hometown Hero: Daniel Blevins takes hurricane relief efforts into his own hands

Hometown Hero: Daniel Blevins takes hurricane relief efforts into his own hands

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The second person featured in our Hometown Hero series is Surf City’s Daniel Blevins.

Blevins owns a cleaning business but took some time after the hurricane to do a different type of cleaning.

“I told my wife, I could go and do temporary work for the company or I could do something that would help people and I’d feel a lot better about myself," Blevins said. "She’s given me the blessing to do it and it’s a struggle, but it’s fine. It’s worth it.”

After Blevins got started with some relief work in Pender County, a woman reached out to him and asked if he had heard about the devastation on Whitestocking Road.

He hadn’t, so he went to check it out with some donations.

“The first time I came here, Ms. Rashida Brown Williams and her daughter came up and they gave me the biggest hug,” Blevins said. “They’re crying and said ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ and it broke my heart. It was just a testament to so many people have kind of overlooked this area.”

WECT received an overwhelming response nominating Blevins as a hometown hero.

Cathy Lee, who lives just down the road from Whitestocking Road, said Blevins is there every day and if he can’t make it, he calls to make sure they are OK or to ask if they need anything.

“He’s just been a gift from God,” Lee said. “If there’s such thing as angels, Daniel Blevins is an angel.”

Lee said Blevins has supplied the area with supplies and resources and she is forever grateful for him.

“Daniel didn’t even know me and Daniel showed me love,” Lee said. “He reminds me of Jesus because he looks beyond the fault to see the need. That’s Daniel Blevins.”

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