Battling stress after Hurricane Florence and through the holiday season

Battling stress after Hurricane Florence and through the holiday season
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The holidays can be a stressful time. For many families, this year may be more stressful than in years past. Thousands of families in our region are dealing with the stress of trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Florence. In many cases, it’s having a direct impact on their mental health.

Integrated Family Services has been providing stress management counseling to New Hanover County Government employees who may have suffered difficulty or a loss.

“There are people who may not be motivated to reach out for help, or even talk about their experiences due to stigma and shame," said regional Mobile Crisis Director Tracy Hyde. “We are concerned about this due to the negative influence this can have on individuals personally, at work and in the community.”

The effects of trauma are real. Integrated Family Services strives to provide assistance to individuals living in the region.

“What we’re seeing before and after the storm is that a lot of people are struggling to get back to normal," Hyde explained. “We want them to understand it’s okay to have a new normal, moving forward and it’s okay to reach out for help.”

It’s also important for parents with children living at home to pay close attention to any personality changes.

“It’s just really important to recognize, with them and within yourself, what the warning signs are if you need to reach out for help," Hyde said. “Those include battling depression, withdrawing, or lashing out. For children it can be they’re angry and don’t want to go to school.

You may need to reach out of help if you notice a change in behavior that is disrupting a child’s daily function.

For information about Integrated Family Services and it’s Mobile Crisis Team: click here or call the 24/7 hotline: 1-866-1821.

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