Highway 6: Roadside stand to island staple

Highway 6: Roadside stand to island staple

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - The Veggie Wagon started as a vender at farmers markets across our area, and eventually turned into a Carolina Beach staple.

It’s a place for locals and visitors to get fresh local food and beverage options and a variety of homemade products. Items include seasonable fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, local beer brewed in the region and much more.

Only natural, wholesome ingredients and no preservatives go into their products. They get their product from local farmers, breweries and other retailers across North Carolina because the business says it wants its customers to get the freshest product possible.

But shopping local doesn’t just benefit the consumer getting fresh product, it helps the local economy as well.

"If people don’t shop local, we wouldn’t be able to support ourselves. We are supporting the farmers around this area. And without people shopping here, we’re not able to support the farmers and it’s just a big cycle like that,“ said Alex Anderson, manager of the Veggie Wagon.

The main goal of the Veggie Wagon is to establish a great relationship with local farmers and its customers, but they also want to give people the opportunity to enjoy how delicious and fun eating local can be.

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