Highway 6: Island Women work to make Pleasure Island a better place

Highway 6: Island Women work to make Pleasure Island a better place

PLEASURE ISLAND, NC (WECT) - A group of women spending their free time working to improve the quality of life on Pleasure Island.

Island Women is a non-profit community action group for women interesting in improving the amenities that Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Fort Fisher have to offer. This diverse group of local women bring together their talents and resources to help make their home a better place.

Through volunteered time the group helps provide a safe and healthy environment, promotes education for young women, and helps make public spaces look better among many other things. One of the activities the Island Women are known for is Flamingo Flocking. They will help surprise someone with plastic, dressed up flamingos in their yard. They do this for any special occasion or event. They money they make from Flamingo Flocking goes right back into the community for scholarships, disaster victims, school needs, and another big initiative of the group: beach wheel chairs.

Island Women raised enough money to purchase Sand Rider Beach Wheelchairs to make the beach accessible to those with disabilities. The wheelchairs are available at Carolina Beach, free of charge. For more information about the wheelchairs, click here.

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