Highway 6: Carolina Beach non-profit has a unique way of saving animals

Highway 6: Carolina Beach non-profit has a unique way of saving animals

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Saving Animals During Disasters is a non-profit group started by Jeannie Mintz of Carolina Beach.

Mintz has lived in Carolina Beach for decades. She remembers Hurricanes Hazel, Diana, and Fran. But the storm that changed everything was hurricane Katrina.

One day after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Mintz created the non-profit group Saving Animals During Disasters. Then she went to Slidell, Louisiana to help save animals left abandoned and stranded.

“I love helping the ones that have no way to help themselves and we have a voice that we can speak and we can ask for help. I think people should get out there and the more that we can help animals the more we can help child abuse. Child abuse and animal abuse go together.” said Mintz

While Mintz was in Slidell, she watched and learned how other volunteers organized efforts to save animals.

“With Katrina you had all these large groups coming in and they’ve already done this so many times that they already know, they’ve got it down pat. So what I did was take the information that they had and make it work here.”

When Mintz returned to Carolina Beach she bought a 50 foot trailer and stocked it with boxes full of food, bowls, collars, blankets, medical supplies, and anything else that would be needed to care for and house animals who get lost or are abandoned during storms.

“I tried to observe everything observe everything that was going on and what they had to make sure that we set up the same way.”

During Hurricane Florence Mintz donated the trailer to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Mintz also owns and operates Salty Paws, a group of warehouses full of donated items that are sold to raise money for the non-profit group.

Saving Animals During Disasters uses money from Salty Paws to support animals shelters and other efforts to help animals across Southeastern North Carolina.

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