Highway 6: The Glass House – One of the most unique houses on Pleasure Island

Highway 6: The Glass House – One of the most unique houses on Pleasure Island

KURE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Chances are, if you’ve driven through Kure Beach, you’ve seen this house.

The marble and glass exterior make it kind of difficult to miss as it obviously stands out from the other houses around it.

Bill and Dorrie Mcgonigal started the building process on their “glass house” about four years ago.

They ran a glass business in Pennsylvania at the time but always vacationed in Kure Beach.

They have actually owned the property that the current house sits on since 2001

Before it was the glass house it is today, it was a little bungalow.

The couple would stay there when they came to visit.

Then four years ago they decided they wanted to move here permanently and that is when they started building the glass house.

Bill, Dorrie and their son designed the entire house by themselves. They said they got inspiration from places they have vacationed, magazines, and just looking up houses they liked online.

"We picked out every finish,” Bill said. “We had no architect. It was me, her and my older son and we just went through everything one by one. Room by room.’

Bill and Dorrie say they get a lot of crazy comments from passerby’s and tourists. They said people will even knock on their door and ask for tours of the house.

“They want to know if it's for rent. They want to know if it's one house. They want to know if we live here and we tell them, ‘yeah it's our house, we live here full time, we don't rent it.’ We're just enjoying our retirement pretty much."

Another thing cool about the house… The floors are heated.

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