COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Bolivia Elementary teacher wants listening center 

COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Bolivia Elementary teacher wants listening center 
Mrs. Stott with kids in her class. (Source: Weller, Frances)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Kristen Stott wants to give her students a chance to read a book a different way. She wants portable CD players for her classroom, but because of the cost, she’s counting on Donors Choose.

Mrs. Stott is a teacher at Bolivia Elementary School and her project is this week’s feature for the WECT Community Classroom.

"The project that I want funded is portable CD players with leveled readers that come with the CD's as well so they can find a spot in the room, pick a book that they are interested in, put it in the CD and listen to the story being told to them in a different way,” Stott says. “This will help with their comprehension and build up their fluency. And the fun part is whenever they hear the books come alive on the CD, they can hear the characters use different voices, they hear how to read with expression. It's just a great resource to have in the classroom.”

Mrs. Stott set a goal of $479. She still needs $444 to fully fund her project.

Once she raises all the money needed, Donors Choose, an online charity that helps teachers across the country get funding, will go purchase the items and have them delivered to the school.

“This group that I have this year loves to read so I want to use any chance I can to show them a different way to read a book,” says Stott.

If you would like to donate to Mrs. Stott’s project, click here.

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