How to avoid the extra pounds this Thanksgiving

How to avoid the extra pounds this Thanksgiving
Tips to avoiding Thanksgiving weight gain.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Around the holidays, we tend to indulge more. Between Thanksgiving lunch at work, Christmas dinner, and New Years drinks, it’s easy to choose the wrong things. With a few simple tips, you can greet January happily without moving a notch on your belt. Jeff Washington, head trainer at Burn Boot Camp Wilmington, stopped by the WECT studios to fill us in on how avoid the extra holiday weight gain.

How to avoid the extra pounds this Thanksgiving
  1. Workout before AND after you eat. Create a calorie deficit diet before eating which will help you burn additional calories. Go for a hike or organize a flag football game to avoid settling into a lethargic state.
  2. Eat breakfast the morning of. Go for the protein before dinner and it will help curb and control your appetite.
  3. Practice a little bit of self-restraint. Take a good look at the spread before jumping right in and filling up your plate.
  4. Slow down and skip seconds. After you clean your plate, give your body time to sense the food. Try to resist temptation to go back and get second helping.
  5. Go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol calories can add up quickly, especially when paired with juices and soda so be sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day and in between drinks to curb any over indulgence in alcohol.
  6. Be realistic. Everyone is busy this time of year and sometimes we forget to plan ahead and make good choices while on the run. Eating a bad meal or two over the holidays is okay, but on the other times, keep it healthy and strive to maintain your weight that way when you do indulge, you’ll already be ahead of the game.
  7. Focus on people, not food. The food is a huge part of Thanksgiving, but that’s not what it’s all about. Celebrate the holiday with conversation and company, rather than carbs and calories.

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