Tips Before Your Trip: Local mechanic warns of top three car troubles ahead of Thanksgiving travel

Tips Before Your Trip

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The vast majority of holiday travelers will be hitting the road this week and AAA estimates 48.5 million will drive to their Thanksgiving destinations.

There are some travel headaches you cannot avoid when traveling during the busiest week of the year, but you can take a few minutes to check your car before you leave.

Before you hit the road to travel to your thanksgiving destination, you may want to make a quick visit to a mechanic.

No time for that? Carl Brewer, mechanic at Black’s Tire and Auto shared his top three tips to make sure your car is top shape for the drive ahead.

First up, Brewer says check those tires.

“You can get a tire Gage but most cars now are equipped with TPM monitors, tire pressure monitors and it’ll put a light up on the dash or even tell you your tire is low. Some of the new cars will even tell you which tire is low,” he explained.

He explained most tires are actually filled with nitrogen, not air.

“Don’t be alarmed if you get on the road and your tire goes down you can use regular air in these cars,” Brewer said.

The second things you will want to check, are coolant and anti freeze levels.

If you think your car needs a little more work, Brewer said it is best to make a pit stop at a mechanic.

“We’ll check your coolant, which is this is your washer ball, this is your anti-freeze, we check your rubber hoses, we check the belts. Just want to make sure you get to your destination and get back safe,” he said.

Lastly, be sure your care is prepared to handle different types of weather if you will be traveling far.

“Know what kind of weather you’re going in. Do you need snow tires? Do your tires have enough tread on them to get you through it?... The colder it gets the more your system is going to work. Your cooling system as far as your anti-freeze and radiator,” Brewer said.

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