Car seats and winter coats: a dangerous combination

Car seats and winter coats: a dangerous combination
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - The weather is getting colder, and no doubt you want to bundle your kids up against the elements.

But you’ll definitely want to take their coats off if your children are still in a car seat.

According to Consumer Reports, winter coats can cause the harness of the car seat to be too loose, thus rendering it ineffective in a car crash.

You can check to see if your child’s coat is too “puffy” by putting them in the car seat and tightening the harness as much as it will go, then taking the coat off your child.

Consumer Reports says if you can pinch the webbing between your thumb and forefinger, the coat is too big for your child to wear in the car seat.

Use a blanket or turn your child’s coat around and have them wear it backwards to still keep them warm while in the car.

You can also use aftermarket covers approved by the car seat manufacturer for the car seat you have, according to Consumer Reports.

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