FEMA may be able to reimburse housing expenses due to cold snap

FEMA may be able to reimburse housing expenses due to cold snap
Residents wait for FEMA to arrive with assistance. Anyone seeking refuge from the cold snap may be able to have their funds reimbursed.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - If residents displaced by Hurricane Florence have to get a hotel room or seek short-term lodging during colder temperatures, they may be able to be reimbursed.

FEMA provides financial assistance to make sure those displaced by Hurricane Florence are in safe and secure housing. This is especially true as colder temperatures move into North Carolina this weekend. If a person has received FEMA funds, they can use that money to pay for a hotel or motel room.

Residents are encouraged to keep their receipts to serve as proof that the assistance was used as intended. It will also help to show a continued need for housing help. This may allow the person to receive additional FEMA funds if they are eligible.

Receipts should show survivors’ names, the name of the lodging facility, dates of occupancy and the amount paid.

Many people are staying in a home without heat or outside in a tent or other temporary shelter. If you know someone doing so, encourage them to use their FEMA funds for a hotel room.

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