Spiderwebs found floating across Arkansas

Spiderwebs found floating across Arkansas
Spiders float into Region 8 in an process called ballooning. (Source: Zach Riggs via Facebook)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Flying spider webs, it’s something that people in Region 8 have been noticing more this week.

Those long strands of silk are actually full of young spiders.

Spider mating season happens in late August and into September. Once the baby spiders hatch, they use a process called ballooning to move locations.

Ballooning is the process of spiders shooting out a strand of silk that acts like a parachute.

The strands of silk ride the wind currents until they’re back on the ground or caught on something like grass, power lines, or cars.

If a lot of spiders do it at the same time, you get big clusters of spiders and silk together like some are seeing across Region 8.

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