Wilmington firefighters warn against phone scams

Wilmington firefighters warn against phone scams

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Officials with the Wilmington Professional Firefighters Association said someone is calling people in the area, claiming to be a firefighter and asking for donations.

Christian Stenerson, president of the association, said no one with the city’s fire department or the association would call a home and directly ask for a money donation. They’ve had problems with scammers calling homes in the past claiming to be with the fire department.

“If you are unsure about it at all, ask for their information. Explain to them that you will call them back and then I would forward that information to the Wilmington Police Department, that way they can investigate,” Stenerson said.

Stenerson said there are people who call on behalf of the association but not for money on the spot. Their callers ask if the person wants to buy a ticket to the concert the association hosts every fall and spring. They ask for the person’s address so they can send the more information about the concert and the association, and if the person wants to go to the concert. The recipient can then send a check back in the mail.

The money goes to the association, which uses it to help with homes with Habitat for Humanity, and do good works in the community.

He said these calls usually come after storms.

“When we have these tragic storms, like we just had with Hurricane Florence, we see the best in people in all aspects of life, we really do we see neighbors taking care of neighbors, you know you see first responders doing great things, but then what comes in the aftermath is you see a lot of scams and a lot of things that are simply not good for our citizens.” he said.

Stenerson said people can walk into any firehouse in the area to donate too.

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