North Carolina woman dead after truck collides with daycare van full of children

Woman dead after truck collides with daycare van full of children

CLAYTON, NC (WRAL/CNN) - A daycare van driver was killed in a head-on collision in North Carolina Tuesday.

The man who witnessed that crash is shedding light on the moments before the head-on collision.

Pete Rose saw danger and called 911.

“I’m following a plumber truck all over the road,” Rose said on the recorded call after he witnessed the driver of a plumbing truck swerving.

“He was off on the right. He would totally cross the left line and jerk back, like bumper cars. He would jerk back and miss a car,” Rose said.

He was still on the phone when what he was hoping to prevent happened.

“He just about hit a school bus right there,” Rose said on the call. “I’m back. Oh lord, he’s about to nail one! We’ve got a wreck, head-on. Head-on.”

"What I saw, she went to the right as much as she could, and he just nailed her. He just flat hit her."

The driver of the van was identified was identified as 39-year-old Martha Peterson. She didn't survive.

As Rose approached the wreckage, he knew it was bad.

Peterson had been driving a daycare van with children inside.

"I was finalizing location for the emergency crews and as we approached the van, we heard the children in the van," Rose said.

Rose said other drivers stopped to help get the children out of the van.

The truck driver, 38-year-old Seth Tracey was taken into custody and later charged with felony death by motor vehicle and driving while impaired.

“I just feel for the parents that had to get a call on their children, and I can’t express for the family, but that driver did all she could possibly do,” Rose said. “She had no way out of that situation.”

During his first court appearance Tuesday Tracy told the judge he is in a methadone treatment program.

He remains in the Johnston County Jail under a $1 million bond.

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