Heroic dog helps save family from fire

Boxer woke owners as flames rose

Heroic dog helps save family from fire

MILTON, VT (WCAX/CNN) – A Vermont family said they owe their lives to the family dog.

A boxer named “Cain” made sure the sleeping family woke up after a fire broke out.

“A couple minutes later we would have been almost covered with flames,” said 10-year-old Mason Sheltra.

Just hours after finishing his trick-or-treating, Mason’s home caught fire.

“My dog woke my dad up, and then my dad woke me up, and I jumped off my bed and ran downstairs,” Mason said.

The family made it out of the house safely, thanks to their four-legged friend.

The fire department chief said the fire started on the front of the house and spread up into Mason’s room and to the attic.

The smoke detectors in the home didn’t go off right away because the fire started outside. That made Cain’s barking all the more important.

But the Sheltras also had some help from a neighbor.

“I was driving down the street to take my son to day care, and saw the flames,” Ana Anderson said.

As Cain was alerting the family inside, Anderson pulled into the Sheltras’ driveway, leaned on her car horn and called 911.

“At first, I thought it was a bonfire, except for it was before 7 o’clock in the morning, and it was a little early, but it all happened very, very fast,” she said.

The upstairs is considered a total loss, and there is hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

The cause of the fire is still undetermined.

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