Consider this: Voter responsibility

Consider this: Voter responsibility

I think it’s fair to say a good portion of our population in southeastern North Carolina is learning HOW government affects their lives these days.

Whether you had damage from Hurricane Florence or not, you most likely have had some sort of contact with your local government. Something as simple as clearing debris or perhaps having to find arrangements for your children who were out of school due to the storms.

The events over the last several weeks show us first-hand the role government plays in our lives AND the important role those leaders will play in our area’s recovery.

But, despite these real-life and very recent examples, I’m betting a disappointingly small percentage of people will vote next week. Many say they don’t feel their vote makes a difference.

But Consider This: Only three years ago, our news team did a story on a local election that ended in a tie … a flipped coin decided the winner of that seat.

Votes make a difference. It’s your right … as well as your responsibility.

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