Neighbors vow to help each other through every step of cleanup

Neighbors vow to help each other through every step of cleanup

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The reason many residents in the Northchase neighborhood bought their homes was what ended up destroying them. The retention pond in the community overflowed after Hurricane Florence.

Now, neighbors are working together to make sure everyone gets back on their feet. They’ve helped gut homes and are starting to remodel them together, taking the phrase being neighborly to a whole new level.

”Everyone has kind of gotten together and said, ‘when I get two steps ahead, I’m going to stop and help you and we’re going to get there together,’” Michelle Beech, a resident in the community, said.

“We’re not going to stop and focus on ourselves. We’re going to help each other get there. And slowly but surely, I think we’ll all get home and when we do get home we’ll be a stronger community,” she said.

More than 100 homes in the community were gutted following the storm.

”When I first came in here and looked at what had to be done, I thought I can’t do this there’s no way. How am I going to afford to get this house fixed back to the way it was?" 69-year-old resident Louise Watkins said. "Then when people started coming in it made me feel so good that we had friends and we had neighbors that came to my rescue.,”

Other neighbors have stepped up and helped her, many of whom don’t have flood insurance. They said now, they consider each other family.

“I think when you have somebody that’s in probably one of the most stressful situations of their lives. It really shows their true character and you really get to know who they really are and there’s not one person out here I haven’t found to be amazing helpful and caring for one another," neighbor Kellie McDonald said.

The neighbors said the biggest thing they need right now is help tearing out Ms. Louise’s old drywall, and donations to replace her drywall, insulation and flooring.

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