Two cold fronts set to bring fall back

Two cold fronts set to bring fall back
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hi and good Tuesday to you! Monday featured a toasty high of 85 and Tuesday will to have a summer flare to it, too. Don't get used to it! Two strong cold frontal passages are likely to whisk a cool, crisp fall feel back to the Cape Fear Region for most of the rest of the forecast period.

TUESDAY FORECAST DETAILS: Expect variable clouds. Odds for a shower or storm will have grown from 10 to 20% in the morning to 30 to 40% by the afternoon or evening. In the same time, temperatures swell to highs mainly in the lower and middle 80s on light and variable or westerly breezes.

LONG-RANGE FORECAST TEMPERATURES: Expect daily highs in the 70s to near 80 Wednesday, 60s to at most 70s Thursday and Friday, 70s Saturday, and 60s Sunday. Notice those dips Thursday and Sunday! Morning lows should mainly be in the 50s but some 40s could mix - especially Friday and Monday mornings.

LONG-RANGE FORECAST RAIN CHANCES: Tuesday’s 30 to 40% shower / storm odds will carry into a portion of Tuesday night and Wednesday, but rain chances ought to quickly trend to near 0% for Thursday and Friday. Weekend chances: 40% Saturday and Saturday night, 10% Sunday.

TROPICS UPDATE: New tropical storm development is possible in the far western Caribbean Sea, near Belize and Honduras, Tuesday or Wednesday. Should such development occur, the storm would get the name Oscar. There appear to be no Carolina threats for the rest of the week or the weekend.

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