Warmer start, cooler finish to week ahead

Warmer start, cooler finish to week ahead
The latest from your First Alert Weather Team... (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hello, friends, and good Monday to you! I hope you took advantage of the mostly fantastic fall weekend weather we had. The classic ebb and flow of autumn temperatures will be on display for the week ahead: we'll start with warmth but, upon the passage of a midweek cold front, we'll finish crisp and cool.

MONDAY FORECAST DETAILS: Enjoy sun and minimal 10 to 20% shower chances. Light southerly breezes will develop and, with them, you may notice a slight uptick in humidity compared to the weekend. Temperatures will jump, too, to highs in the toasty middle 80s. Average is 76; the record, set in 1985, is 88.

YOUR LONGER-RANGE FORECAST: Before the cold front, expect highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday. After the front’s passage, cooler 70s and 50s are more likely. Odds for showers and storms will function near 30% Tuesday to Wednesday, 0% Thursday and Friday, and 30% Saturday.

YOUR TROPICS OUTLOOK: No Carolina storm threats are likely to develop this week. October 15 starts the last quarter of Atlantic Hurricane Season. East Coast hurricane landfalls become extremely rare after October 15, but storms like Sandy of 2012 illustrate they are not impossible. Thanks for staying vigilant!

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