Roofers to the rescue: Crews install emergency tarps ahead of Michael

Updated: Oct. 10, 2018 at 4:22 PM EDT
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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Many of your roofs lost shingles and limbs fell on your home after Hurricane Florence.

More property and water damage may have you worried at what the remnants of Hurricane Michael could bring this week and roofing companies were scrambling to help homeowners on Wednesday.

Crews from Claremont Property Company strapped in and climbed high, racing against the clock to rescue homeowners from further water damage.

“We have 900,000 square feet of tarps, and two, four-man teams dedicated to getting tarps on said,” said Eric Bertolasio, director of sales for the Claremont roofing division.

Roofing companies are slammed after Florence and ahead of Michael
Roofing companies are slammed after Florence and ahead of Michael(Donovan, Chelsea)

They’ve been going non-stop since before Florence.

“Up before the sun and back home after midnight,” said Bertolasio.

Claremont’s disaster relief team has had boots on the ground for the past month installing emergency tarps for homeowners in need.

“We can do 15 to 20 roofs a day,” said Bertolasio. “What most people see now is their roofs aren’t leaking yet but after this weekend, I think we will see a different story.”

Claremont’s roofers have been going door to door to offer their services. Ieashea Seales was one of a dozen on Wednesday’s long list.

“Florence spooked us," Seales said. “We rode it out and it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever been through.”

Seales' Odgen home sustained major roof damage with trees down around her home, and fence damage.

“I saw their offer for a free tarp last night on Facebook, and I knew my house may not make it and I should be safe this time,” Seales said.

Teams hit her roof, installing the tarp in less than an hour with no cost up front, hoping it will mitigate any further water damage.

“I’m flabbergasted, never seen anything like this," Seales said. "I’m really thankful that they are able to offer their services so fast. A little librarian like me doesn’t have second, and third chances to get it right.”

Claremont says while there is no charge for the tarps up front, the company is working with residents' insurance companies.

The roofers expect to be just as busy resecuring the tarps, and possibly starting new roof installation after Michael passes.

If you need a tarp, call Claremont at 281-504-7663.

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