Pender County neighborhood devastated by Florence now preps for Michael

Pender County neighborhood devastated by Florence now preps for Michael

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - They’ve spent the last three and a half weeks trying to get everything out of their ravaged homes and save what few items can be salvaged. Now with the threat of more weather from Michael, they’re having to reverse their whole process.

Residents in the Riverbend Community in Pender County spent Wednesday bringing items back into their homes.

The past few weeks neighbors have helped each other to rip out molded walls and floors, sift through soggy belongings and find places to store the few items that survive the storm.

Many residents put those items outside on a porch to dry out and now they're having race against the clock to bring everything back inside before Michael arrives to try to save those few items left.

After everything they’ve been through, Riverbend resident, Lisa Barnes, says she just hopes the storm passes through quickly.

“I don't want it to hit anybody but I just hope it keeps moving on the quick track that it's doing to just get in, get out, and get gone,” Barnes said.

Barnes said of the few items in her home that were spared from Florence were some quilts, heirlooms and a few pieces of furniture. They have been out on her porch drying in the sunlight but today those items went back inside.

“It just doesn't need to get wet again,” Barnes said. “So we're just going to have to put plastic over things. Bring things back in the house. Put things under the house and secure as best we can with chains, and hope for the best."

Like a lot of residents in the neighborhood, Barnes and her husband have been living in a camper in their driveway since their house was destroyed by Florence. Now they are having to decide what to do and where to go so they don’t risk having their temporary home destroyed by Michael.

Barnes is trying to stay positive and hopes for the best outcome from Michael. She says her neighborhood can’t spare anymore devastation.

“[I’m] just worrying about trees that are already weak, falling and things like that,” Barnes said. “So not as worried as I was the first go around, but just thinking, you know, my people don’t need anything more."

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