Hurricane Michael could affect fall colors in NC

Michael could wipe out changing leaves

BOONE, NC (WBTV) - The fall color season has fallen behind where it should be thanks to recent warm weather. That’s according to Fall Color Expert and Appalachian State University Professor Dr. Howie Neufeld.

“This season is the greenest this far into the Fall that I have ever seen,” he said on Monday.

Neufeld says the leaves are holding on but will eventually drop whether they change or not. With colder weather expected next week, he thinks there is still an opportunity for a very colorful fall unless Hurricane Michael gets in the way.

“I am worried about that,” he said.

High winds and heavy rain at this stage of the leaf development could cause them to drop. What happens will depend on how far east the storm turns.

“It’s up to nature,” Neufeld said.

Forecasters say the storm will have an effect in North Carolina but where that effect will be depends on the storm’s track. At this point, there could be some gusty breezes and rain in the mountains.

Officials say they should have a better idea in the next 24 hours.

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