Putin’s modeling calendar is out in Russia

Russia president pictured as strong, compassionate, shirtless

Clear space on your wall for Russia's most commanding model: Vladimir Putin

(CNN) - The Kremlin coverman is back.

The 2019 Vladimir Putin calendar have gone on sale in Russia and - as usual - will be popular.

The pictures depict the Russian president as an all-powerful strongman, whether he is atop a horse in winter, cuddling a leopard or bare-chested while fishing in a wild river.

Many Russians are proud of their president's posture.

There's Putin with a pup, Putin with a cub, Putin on a horse in winter, and even Putin taking the epiphany dip in ice water.

Putin attempts to portray himself as the one running the show, whether it's at international summits like earlier this year with President Donald Trump or taking his top officials for a tour of the Siberian outback.

The calendars are designed to show Russians that they have a strong leader who's in control, but also that Putin is a compassionate man and a man of the people.

Shop and kiosk owners said they think this batch will sell out fairly quickly like other editions, but there is always a strong supply of Putin calendars for those who miss out now.

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