Weekend warm up a welcome change

Posted by Robb Ellis

Wilmington NC, (WECT) - After a week of near record lows, heavy rain, thunderstorms and even flurries and snow showers, the upcoming weekend will be a welcome change. High temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 70's for Saturday and Sunday.

The temperatures are expected to be the warmest so far for 2009. And the timing is perfect. The highs are expected to be near 80 degrees for Sunday. Sunny skies will mix with a few clouds for Spring-like weather.

These temperatures are above normal from the average early March temperature, which is about 65 degrees. Temperatures have been below normal for the majority of the past several weeks.

As luck would have it, this weekend also means less sleep for everyone. One hour less to be exact. On Sunday morning at 1:59 AM, clocks will "Spring Forward." We will lose one hour of sleep due to the time change. However, the sun will set at almost 7:15 PM on Sunday evening, giving everyone a chance to enjoy those warm temperatures just a little bit longer.

The weekend warm up is in stark contrast to last weekend, when North Carolina was blasted by a winter storm that buried parts of North and South Carolina under 6 to 10 inches of snow. Snow also fell across eastern NC, bringing almost an inch to Jacksonville and causing a dusting to Pender and Duplin counties Monday evening. Wilmington also reported a few flurries on Monday night.

The warm weather will continue into the first part of the work week. A few showers begin to enter the forecast by Tuesday and Wednesday.

High Temperature Forecast
70 - Friday
75 - Saturday
79 - Sunday