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Sheriff John Ingram
Sheriff John Ingram

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Sheriff Ingram joined the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office in 1991 as a Patrol Deputy under Sheriff John Carr Davis and worked his way through the ranks with the Warrant Division, Detective Division and Narcotics Division.

Sheriff Ingram was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of the Narcotic's Division in 1999 a position which he held along with the title of SWAT Team Commander until 2004.  During his tenure as Drug Unit Commander and SWAT Team Commander Sheriff Ingram received hundreds of hours of tactical and investigative training.

He is also a graduate of the June 2002 Drug Unit Commanders Academy conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration in Quantico, VA. Sheriff Ingram has held certifications as a General Instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy, Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor, Rapid Deployment Instructor and Mobile Video Training Instructor.

Sheriff Ingram has been certified as Clandestine Laboratory Investigator, Special Weapons and Tactics Operator and in Water Rescue, CPR and Taser.  During his tenure as Lieutenant, he was responsible for the supervision of seven narcotic agents and sixteen SWAT operators.  Sheriff Ingram along with these officers conducted thousands of illegal drug investigations, which resulted in hundreds of arrest and convictions.

In 2004 Sheriff Ingram took a position as Lieutenant in charge of Narcotic's and SWAT with the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.  In 2006 Sheriff Ingram was promoted to the rank of Chief Deputy of the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.  In this capacity he oversaw the day to day operations of the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.

On April 7th, 2008, acting Sheriff Greg White of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office appointed Sheriff Ingram as Chief Deputy of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.  On May 19th, 2008 He was sworn in as Sheriff of Brunswick County.

After being sworn into office Sheriff Ingram proceeded to reduce the overall budget requested by the previous administration.  This resulted in over half of a million dollars in savings to the tax payers of Brunswick County.

Sheriff Ingram implemented the community policing program to target high crime areas resulting in numerous arrests for drugs and various other crimes.  Sheriff Ingram reorganized the K-9 division allowing these officers to utilize their K-9 partners more effectively to combat crime throughout our county.

Sheriff Ingram immediately implemented procedures to open the new phase of the detention facility to include the hiring of approximately twenty new detention officers.  Sheriff Ingram has requested the federal government to consider Brunswick County as a potential partner to house federal pretrial inmates which would bring potential revenue in to the detention facility.

Other initiatives by Sheriff Ingram include:

  • Increasing the inmate labor work force to assist with routine maintenance of county buildings and grounds.
  • Developing a work farm enabling inmates to cultivate vegetables which will be used to supplement the food needed for the detention facility.
  • Developing a "Citizen's Academy" which is currently a nine week orientation course. It's conducted in a classroom and "out-in-the-field" with certified agency instructors from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Obtained Tasers for the department in order to provide an additional level of safety for the officers as well as the suspects. This enabled our department to reduce the overall number of injuries and claims received.
  • Partnered with the Governor's Highway Safety Program to obtain funding enabling the Sheriff's Office to put additional patrol units on our streets and in our neighborhoods targeting the criminal element through aggressive traffic enforcement. This grant provided funding in excess of $300,000.00 at no additional cost to the taxpayers of the county.
  • Significantly reduced the number of un-served warrants on violators and fugitives by aggressively apprehending those evading capture.
  • Increasing the community watch program and creating a system to notify participants about crimes occurring in their neighborhoods.
  • Seek national accreditation for the agency's law enforcement and detention operations.
  • Partner with the Brunswick Community College to provide GED classes to inmates in the detention facility.
  • Partner with the Cooperative Extension Office to create a program to teach inmates how to grow and maintain vegetables to supplement the inmate food supply in the Detention Facility.

If you have a question for Sheriff Ingram, email him at