What do I do when I put a disc in the drive and nothing happens?

In Windows, if you insert a CD or floppy into its drive and nothing happens, there are a couple of ways to get your program or file to do what you want it to do.  For executable files--ones that have a .exe extension at the end of the file name--click on "start" at the toolbar, go to "run", and then "browse."  Look in the drive the disk is in, and then find the program file--within one of the folders.  Double click on the program and the "run" window will have the file name next to open--ready to go--and then click "OK."

Another way to get to the file is to go to "my computer" on the desktop, double click on the appropriate drive and then find the file in one of the folders to begin.

For this week in geek, I'm Mark Avery.