My Turn, Your Turn: NASCAR

By Gary McNair - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - I've had a lot of exposure to NASCAR over the years.

I've even ridden in one of their cars at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour, and some mornings I feel like I'm driving on a NASCAR track on my way to work - sometimes under the caution light.

I haven't become a huge fan, and after last weekend, it's even less likely that I will.

Did you see the Daytona 500 - or what really should be called the Daytona 381?  This year the race was called because of rain.

I understand you don't want cars going around the track in wet conditions, but it just seems to me they should have at least finished the race the next day.

A Super Bowl winner would never be crowned in the 3rd quarter, and you have to win 4 games, not 3 and a half, to win the World Series.

I know NASCAR is more popular than ever, but it seems to me in the sport's biggest event of the year that talent - not weather - should have decided the winner.

Am I missing something here?

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Response from viewers:

I watched the race Sunday and I too feel let down at the awarding of the victory of Matt Kenseth. Though I feel feel the blame does only lie on Nascar for calling the race but also the networks for insisting the race have such a late start time, if we could have used the hour and half long prerace show to do some racing we would not be having these conversations now as we would have had a complete race.


I am a die hard Nascar fan (Dale Earnhardt Jr.). I hate races that get rained out. My friend and I went this year to our first 500. We also had Fan Zone passes and got to the track at 8:30 that morning. It was a long day but when it started raining I had no thoughts of leaving but a lot of other people left when the red flag came out. I think it was about 7:00 when the red flag came out. We had planned on staying in Florida until Monday if the race got rained out. If it would have stopped raining by 7:30 (witch it didn't it would have taken hours to dry the track. The race probably wouldn't have started until 11;00 or 12:00. I definitely wanted to see the end of the race but I was a little relieved that it was over but i would've been happy to go to our hotel get some sleep and then see the end of the race on Monday. But as you know that didn't happen I hat the rule that says if a race is past half way it can be called because of rain. I will still love Nascar but I will all ways hate that rule. I don't think I will be going back to Daytona for any races there are better tracks alot closer.


Many baseball games, World Series or otherwise, last much less than 9 innings because of rain.  As long as they are half finished, they are official.  (Ditto NASCAR races.)  I realize your example was for the whole series, but Daytona is just one "game" of a series.

The best car DID win!!  Kenseth started 43rd (last) and passed (one way or another) every car, save one (Kyle Busch), during the course of the race.  (He had raced to 2nd place less than 50 laps into the

race.)  Busch was taken out of the race by a mistake made by NASCAR's most popular driver and Kenseth found his way through the mess as he was right behind Busch at the time.  He was in a position to take advantage of the situation because of his superiority.  Every other driver and team was aware of the weather, but Kenseth put himself out front


Believe it or not, the reasons behind calling the race are money;the cost of keeping a team at the event can hit 25k a day;teams can't affordthis,especially now.Costs to Nascar at all levels,can hit 250k per day.TV and radio go about 20 to 40 k per day.Fans almost always never stay for the Monday race;They've got to go to work the next day(This is the reason Night Races are getting popular;folks stay for the weekend,and go home Sunday)

I ran lower divisions Of Nascar and IMCA,and have watched costs rocket.In 1986,we built and ran an IMCA Modified at its first race for about 5k.The rules were you had to run a spec frame,leaf sprung rear,gas,and spec tire.Pretty cheap,and the edge went to teams that could set the car,not outspend the competion.Now the frames are 5k,the motors are old Sprint car engines on alcahol,and the only junkyard parts are about 3 feet of the frount rails.And this is considered cheap racing.

I think in the coming season,we'll see alot more of the calls made that will be like Daytona;If its Sunday nite,their're going home.

Observations of Daytona;this is the Super Bowl for Nascar,of a sort.(I prefer the World 600,And the Allstar race.)The truck series,which is the cheapest form of Pro national motorsports,and the biggest bang per dollar for sponsers,was thin;33 teams.Some guys were 4 to a room.Nationwide is practice for Cup.I think if you run Nationwide,you can run Cup,but you start from the back of the field,behind the guys that are back there for tech reasons.Cup should have the same tire rule as NW;you only get so many tires per event,period.The old guys were asking why not invert the field;fast guys to the rear at the start;this won't work.The top 75% were within 8/10 of a second.Thats a close field.Indy was brought up after some concerns about tire wear.Thats a race that should have been called early,the fans given back their ticket money,and free tickets for next year,and Goodyear called to the carpet with Nascar Test to explain how they let the tires come back after testing that showed there was a problem,but no changes were made.


I think Nascar jumped at the easy way out,by ending the race due to rain . This way they could try and cover up the fact that their Biggest Star (dale jr)  caused the biggest wreck in the biggest race.


Richard Petty once said,If I do not win,I cant buy Groceries! That was back in the day of Bobby Allison,Cale Yarbrough,Buddy Baker,And King Richard.I do not like the NASCAR of today,There are to many crybabies,and the races are not exciting as they were in past days.When a Driver wins a race,he spends ten minutes thanking all his sponsors,not many words of praise for the fans paying out the nose for the tickets,and ten dollar Hot Dogs.NASCAR races were once thrilling,now a yawn will do!


You had me in total agreement with your statements until you said,

I know NASCAR is more popular than ever.......

I think you are mistaken..... I have heard nothing but complaints from long time fans saying what a joke this sport has become.  Since the death of the great Dale Earnhardt Sr. the rules have changed so much I thought for sure they would be adding blinkers and horns to the cars - instead they should add windshield wipers!! 

It's obvious the so-called members that run NASCAR only see dollar signs and nothing else.  I was surprised they called the race so quickly, usually they keep viewers hanging on for at least an hour or two just to get in the commercials.   I am thrilled to see the empty seats in the stands and hope it continues!!!

As of last Sunday my family has decided it's no longer worth our time to watch such a ridiculous "FIXED" event.  Unfortunately we've already purchased 5 tickets for the Darlington race - but that will be our last time!!


I am a huge fan of Nascar so much so that I work my schedule around the race.  Don't want to miss a minute.  I did however feel disappointed as I know many others did as well.  It didn't have anything to do with who won. This race was the big one. This race kicks off race season; something we fans look forward to from the time it ends, til it begins again. I know it was the rules, but can't help feeling like the Daytona race should be special and we should get our fill of all 500 laps.  Felt short changed!!


Thank you for expressing the opinion of a lot of Nascar fans.  Mr. Kenseth did not "win" the race.  He was GIVEN the race.

Jack Roush did not "win" his 1st Daytona 500 - he was GIVEN the race.  Other sports do not allow this method of determining a winner.  Nascar should come up with an alternative plan for finishing races.  This was the 1st race and one of the biggest of the season and it has started the season off on a sour note.  What were they thinking?