Your Turn Potpourri


This morning a plea for money to repair a Northern towns water - city officials are debating the problem and waiting for money. Many of these individuals should not have this position, what you think? If you're roof was destroyed in a storm I am sure you would wait for an indefinite period of time and do nothing, am I right? I find it irritating that taxes are paid in that township and we are asked to help pay their bills only because city officials will not act but enjoy the meeting on the subject, pointing their fingers across the oval table at each other and we are still responsible for our local obligations.  We both have unfortunately been in these types of meetings. Amazing isn't it! Wonder how many of these will be reelected to the exact office held now and the public will remain please with the results achieved?


where low beam light go on their vehicle. It is a state law to dim your headlights when you are facing on coming traffic but not to brighten them. Why are they doing this in New Hanover County?


I'm not writing to address any of your current topics. I'm writing in hope you will bring a new one to the public eye. I'm writing about the proposed changes in the current gasoline tax rate. The government is proposing a 2.5 cents "decrease" while making the tax floor at 35 cent/gal minimum, no matter how low the wholesale gas prices go. I see this as a complete fleecing of the taxpayers by proposing this as "relief" while it is actually an increase. This proposed "reduction" will never be noticed at the pump and is fully insignificant at best.

During the past 7 years, consumers watched gasoline prices escalate at incredible rates. The gas station price signs resembled out of control, ratcheting cash registers with per gallon prices going up in excess of 15-20 cents a day. This went on for YEARS until we saw the gas prices triple and almost quadruple. We were staring at 5 dollar/gallon gas at times. It wasn't only gasoline prices the taxpayers had to endure, the oil prices affected anything oil related, in particular diesel and heating fuel. These increases caused any business that transported their goods to increase prices due to increased fuel costs. Food prices escalated at historic rates, clothing, tires, restaurants all increased prices to levels previously unheard of. The people of this country had no choice and were forced to adjust to these life-changing increases. We all had to get to work, feed our families and clothe them. This economic fiasco came at an already difficult time with people losing their homes, their jobs, their insurance coverage, etc. The oil companies were boasting record profits and bringing in billions in profits each and every day throughout this entire progression. The food, clothing prices previously affected by the price of oil did not and will not come down due to falling oil prices, they will start seeing even larger profits.

With NC having the highest fuel taxes in the region, our government saw record revenues and should have put them to proper use, to include saving. We saw little, if any improvement in our road infrastructure with all of the tax monies collected. The people had to adjust to pandemic fuel and tax increases, now the government needs to adjust to falling prices accordingly! I get sick and tired of our government mis-spending, mis-appropriating and otherwise using wasteful tactics with our tax monies only to want more. The NCDOT is one of the most inefficient and poorly managed government organizations that exists. They answer to nobody and are not held accountable for a dime or their time. If they need to lay off workers due to "decreased revenue", that is only due to poor planning and lack of sensible, prudent management by our government. None of us taxpaying citizens had any choices, we were forced to pay inordinate prices and it took many of us down many notches, times into poverty. We were forced to adjust in the light of dying economy, with no options, no fallback. The government should be required to have the capacity to adjust exactly as the taxpayers were forced to do without squeezing more taxation.


I'm a retired conductor with CSX railroad and spent my entire 40 years in Wilmington. The first 25 years of my career starting in 1971 and many years prior to that the train that runs through town to state port after midnight and returns was on duty at 359pm. By the time the train crew did what it takes to get ready to depart it was around 600pm. After leaving the yard it was going over the major crossing starting around 630pm to 700pm after rush hour. It started its return trip from the port around 900pm well before bedtime for most. There were never any complaints about horn noise for 25 plus years that i was aware of.

A new trainmaster came to town and had the bright idea of running the train on third shift. And the rest is history! horn noise all night.

No bridge needs to be built, no quiet zone needs to be established, just put the tran back on second shift like it was for many years.

No cost to anyone, just common sense and everyone can start getting a good nights sleep once again.


I hope everyone who is trying to get fracking approved in North Carolina saw the national news tonight. They reported on a story about the many earthquakes happening in Ervin, Texas. Texas never had a quake until 2008 and now they have had over a hundred and most of them in the past few days. When they brought in the experts and asked why, they said it is a result of fracking and other things, but, fracking is one of the main reasons. Since fracking is a multi billion dollar industry, a few hundred earthquakes are probably not a good enough reason to ban fracking in North Carolina. Perhaps those in the state congress who are not profiting from the oil fracking industry will see the news report and do the right thing and have fracking banned in our home state, I certainly hope so. --Tony Wicker


We used to be guilty of this, much to my shame now. Oh, how we loved the trip to Myrtle Beach to pick up the 'Big Boy' Fireworks for the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.

We have the most wonderful Coton de Tulear dog now, since May 2013. We have to sedate this precious little guy when fireworks start, sometimes for a couple of days the revelers boom and bang. I would like to see awareness spread as to the effect our fun has on poor animals......pure and simple. If it can slowly get people to just head downtown for the big stuff and leave the neighborhoods peaceful, I would say that's a great public service!! --Wanda Anderson


Why do people have to run marathons on public roads, putting runners in danger and motorist in danger? Why when we have all these miles of beaches they can go run on, just don't make a whole lot of common sense. When I was growing up my parent's told me not to go play in the highway! Now day's they tell you to go play in the road and take a knife with you! That's my turn, Thank's Carl Patterson


I am a New Hanover County resident now for over 30 years,and live just off River Road in Rivers Edge. I have heard so many sirens late at night from speeders accidents on River Road. As I've driven River Road during the day..there are countless crosses and flowers from past deaths on this road.  My option for speeders everywhere including drunk drivers on high speed chases,drug dealers,and countless other excuses to speed and out run the police is to start making automobiles that don't register over 80 on the speedometer.  Why is it already set to such a high speed if its over the speed limit anyway?(110) Just think of the countless lives all over the country that could have been saved. And lowering the limit on cars odometer can insures the police will always get the bad guys.  Just my thought for the day.  Thank you. Robert


I would like to know what the deal is with the Education Lottery.  I spoke with the School Principle today about high school students riding

The bus with middle school students.  They said the budget is what is causing this.  Also the teachers have not had a raise in 2 years.  Then please explain to me and all the other parents and teachers where all the money for education is going?  If for some reason it is going to something else

Then whom ever is spending it needs to explain to all of us why it is not being put to our children.  ( The Future) Our Children will be running this country

When we are old and gray.  Its our turn to find out what is being done with the Education Lottery Money.  Also the teachers that have to put up with these hateful kids, can't do anything about how they are treated.  I applaud the teachers, because I could not have there job and or there SALARY!!!!!

Could you please look into this for all of us and I we will be watching the news about this.


Did you ever notice  the school teachers collecting crayons and other schools supplies before school begins each August? I'm guessing tax dollars will not cover this huge expense.

Now that the big salaries have been exposed that the ABC supervisors were paid, health care was passed to stop the fraud within the health care industry why no outrage over

a 430,000/year basketball coach at UNCW. I thought the last one ,whom I guess is still being paid, was grossly overpaid with his 170,000/year in an area where the medium

household income is 53,000/year. I never realized the importance of bouncing a ball. Hopefully you can help me understand this one salary versus a convoy of crayons.


I am just a little curious as to why the postal service is wanting to cut Saturdays out so that they can save money. Did you know that to mail a letter from 3rd street down town to 18th and market that letter first has to travel from Wilmington to Fayetteville and back to get delivered and it takes 2-3 days. Same thing in Leland, mail it from Leland go to Fayetteville and back again. What gives. They say that Wilmington down town branch does not have a stamp, myrtle groove does, would it not be cheaper to send it there instead or even better get some rubber together and make a stamp for downtown Wilmington.


Just wondering why the Law Officers aren't having to obey the same laws we the people do.

Have you ever been driving from Wilmington to Leland and get passed by a Police Car in 4-5pm  Traffic doing 75 -80 going God only knows where,No lights on just cruising 17/74/76.Have you ever been on MLK with your cruise control on doing 55 and get Passed by a Officer going 70 + and doing 70 = in the 50 MPH mark heading again to Brunswick County.Why is it that Law Enforce are able to break Laws but be Two faced enough to sit on MLK to hand out tickets.Who holds them responsible for breaking the Law.Get just a little sick of trying to do what's right and obey the laws when there are so many police officers think they can come and go as they please.Maybe you can look into this matter and shine some light on it for me.


Will you please address the problem of "Litter" on our highways and streets? Visitors and newcomers coming into our area see this surrounding the lovely trees and flowers. This weekend many will be coming into our area and we need to take more pride in our otherwise lovely community. Thank you.


Do you know that if you qualify for food stamps, you qualify for a free cell phone? The government just gives you one! What does needing food stamps have to do with getting a free cell phone? My dollars are paying for this! Also--shouldn't it be mandatory that if you get government assistance, you should be tested for drugs each month? I think you should! What do you think?


We hear about all the cuts in education and law enforcement due to the bad economy. They have  known about it for 2 years, Brunswick and New Hanover Counties have added to their payroll over that same period. We should look at their salaries and we might find the same scene as the ABC board, over inflated salaries and perks. It's time for those at the top to bite the same bullet as the rest of us. My slogan for the next election, " Out with the old,in with the new. " Elected officials are just that. The silent majority is no longer silent.


Why aren't scheduled events for fund raisers for Diabetes advertised more?  Usually the event is over before I'm aware of such happenings.  I have many loved ones and friends with both types.  I watch them struggle through lack of memory, lack of energy, and see and hear them do and say things that they can't recall.  I believe this disease messes up the brain, and I know it messes up their performance on the job.  Some can't afford insulin, the are in trouble.  Finding a cure is a prayer of mine.  Let's try in the future to schedule fund raisers for cures in ample amount of time so that way, all can participate.  We all know some one with diabetes.


I just heard your report on the Kure Beach employees complaining about having to wear nice clothes to work!!!

[Kure Beach Town Hall employees face new dress code]

I think they should be glad they have a job and would like to dress nice to show vacationers that they are proud to work for Kure Beach.  I can't believe that is an issue.  Wearing sweat clothes to work is definitely unacceptable unless they work in a gym!  Thank you for letting me have my say.


I am of great understanding that stealing is stealing and looting is looting. However, I think in a time of crisis where there is no way to get food the legal, appropriate way, should be seen under a different light. Why should innocent people be sprayed with tear gas and water hoses after a natural disaster such as this which has left so much devastation throughout Chile and the surrounding areas? I could understand it if law enforcement was defending jewelry stores and banks; but these people were turning to their last means of survival by trying to obtain food from grocery stores. Most of them most likely had families with small children that they were trying to provide for. I think this is the most inhumane "law enforcement" that I have ever seen. On another note. I think it is a huge disgrace that the people of America are running to these foreign countries to adopt children when the homeless shelters here in America are thriving with children that would love to be adopted by a good loving family.


Please consider starting a forum on the recent controversy at the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners meeting regarding public prayer.  The board majority took what I would describe as a flagrantly discriminatory position against other faiths by voting down Commissioner Warren's suggestion to invite members of all faiths to do the invocation.  As a Christian myself, I was both incensed and embarrassed that they would suggest that intolerance and Christianity are synonymous.


I received a ticket for crossing the center line at S. College and Wrightsville Ave to get into the left turn lane at the traffic light. The Wilmington Police Officer, on a motorcycle, came out of hiding and lined up other drivers for doing the same thing. I have noticed, for sometime, the parents picking-up children at school intersections are causing drivers to pass in the center turn lane or crossing a no passing line. I think the Wilmington Police Department would have a hay day, if they are interested to do so, for all the drivers doing an illegal pass in turn lanes and crossing the center line at narrow streets of Wilmington. I suggest you have a look at Forest Hills, Holly Tree, and others. What do you think?


How come so little has been made of the fact that, Mr. Will Breazeale, is the only Candidate ever to post a personal $250,000.00 bond to the people of District 7 that he will serve a limited 3 terms as an elected Representative?  I think that the people of North Carolina should know:

  1. Mr. Breazeale has posted a personal $250,000.00 bond towards this end.
  2. The other Candidate had promised he would voluntarily limit his service to three terms, and then failed to do so.
  3. That Honor would dictate that others follow his example.

They elected Officials need to remember they are "The Keepers of the Public Trust" not our keepers.


With the city in such a financial crisis tell me why city officers get to drive their cars home in other counties? The city wants to figure out how to save money, well it does not take an expert to figure out how to save some money. Officers should not be allowed to drive patrol cars to and from work. They are no better than others that drive their personal cars to and from work. If you want to get to work, drive your own car. If you go to the industrial park in Leland you will see several city patrol cars at officers homes. Also I have seen cars at homes on Blueberry Road in Currie. So please what makes them so special that they can't drive personal cars to and from work. They should be honored to have a job to drive to and from.


the state of NC is responsible, they are the one's that are in the business of selling alcohol, they are the one's that control the ABC stores, they are the one that profits for the sell and consumption of alcohol, why shouldn't the state be the one that is ultimately responsible for the drinking and driving. But how many accidents and deaths have been contributed to drinking and driving when the actual cause of the accident has been thoroughly investigated and the truth known the person that actually caused the accident was just plain reckless, not the one that had had a drink, here in Brunswick county people just run stop signs,they just pull out in front of oncoming traffic and never look, have no idea what turn lanes are or what turn signals are,, and then go 100 yds. and stop in the road, and then decide what if anything they want to do. People with handicap signs drive 25 in a 55 and people pass and accidents happen and whose to blame. Maybe it's time for the state of NC to elect some responsible leaders and rethink some common sense and take some responsibility.


My question is:  Since NC has made it a law that you can't have license plate holders covering the state name and/or month and year of expiration----what about other states?  Will they get a warning/ticket if their plate holders are in violation?


Recent news items have raised questions about our county Water & Sewer Authority raising its rates while giving a raise to its director.  Sounds absurd to me. But I write about another problem the authority has which has not been reported in any media outlet I am aware of.

Did you know that every time a student at the new school in Castle Hayne flushes a toilet, the resulting sewage must be TRUCKED to the treatment plant?  Raw sewage is being hauled on our roads because the water authority cannot finish a project on time.  The project to run sewage lines from the school, across Prince George swamp to a lift station and on to the treatment plant was supposed to be finished by June in time for the schools opening.  It is nowhere near completion at this date, and I am told that they have not even finished laying the pipes yet.  The pumping station, which required a 50 foot deep pit right beside the swamp, is only a shell.

I find it outrageous, and I hope that you do, that our water authority is not doing its job and is able to keep its failures from the people its supposed to be serving.


There have been recent laws to pass regarding texting while driving, etc. but what about making it a law not to have your pets(big and small) riding in the car unrestrained??  I see a lot of this and it bothers me that if you think of your pet as a "family member" why would you allow your family member to jump from seat to seat, hang out the drivers window, on the steering wheel etc.  How safe is that???  And some drivers are doing this while on the cell phone, smoking or both and if that isn't a safety issue I don't know what it is!!


I am a long time Wilmington resident who remembers if I had a problem with my water, I called Mr Dobo who wether himself or one of his people would be here by days end. I had a sewer system that I had serviced regularly with no problems. I understood when the city of Wilmington needed to annex me into the city and my water and sewer came under another entity, namely water and sewer. I understand the need to combine services to cut out redundancies, and as a city resident I supported this unusually good idea. I also do understand that Mayberry is long gone, but our government seems to be trying too hard to be bigger than most of us can afford.

Now please don't take me wrong if I sound a bit miffed but to see where we have come. A CEO if water and sewer, not including staff and ancillary staff and staff to oversee staff, I would like to see someone compare the salaries and cost of operations (not including improvements to the pipes and equipment) and come up with where we are right now, not to mention where we will be if present conditions are allowed to continue. Was the reasoning behind privatizing water and sewer the ability to pay CEO wages vs. what the manager would have made under normal scale wages? Does this mean that once we become bigger and better, we will have a CEO of security vs.a sheriff, A CEO of the county and city over the Manager. If we do this, who in the world will pay for it?


This is my turn and I have a real problem with the grossly unfair concept of "contributory Negligence" which North Carolina continues to embrace while 46 other states have abandoned.
North Carolina is one on only four states that has not overturned this unfair and unjust doctrine of " contributory negligence"    North Carolina continues to remain in the dark ages while 46 states have outlawed this concept which has been discredited and abandoned  by MOST states. I think I now know why southern states have the reputation of being backward and out of touch!   North Carolina Legislators--(YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!)

If North Carolinians knew about this they would be as outraged as I am.


This morning I drove from our home in Hampstead out to Topsail Island with my young daughter to remember the victims of 9-11.  This is something I've done each year since the attacks and each year I am both amazed and disappointed by the number of flags I see that have not been lowered to half mast.  These are flags in front of churches, businesses, community buildings, homes - even the Surf City Fire Department.  I stopped and spoke to a young rescue worker who told me he was waiting for permission from his Chief to lower the flag.  Why is the lowering of the flag at the White House not permission enough?  This is such a simple way to honor the 2,993 lives lost on this tragic day.  Don't the estimated 3,051 children who were left without one or both of their parents deserve at least that?

In the last week I have watched grown men and women throw tantrums because the President of the United States dared to speak to school children about personal responsibility and the importance of an education.  I have witnessed a Senator show blatant disrespect for his state, his office, his country and his Commander in Chief.  Today I have seen how quickly the lives of so many innocent people have been forgotten and how September 11th seems to have become just another day of the week for so many.  It seems that not only have we forgotten the horror, fear and sorrow of that fateful day but also the patriotism, common decency and respect that we had for one another in the days that followed.


I would like you to discuss the topic of the Wilmington Housing Authority CEO receiving a DWI. I have read all of the articles and they keep talking about this man's successes, are they serious? He could have KILLED someone. Let's look at the number of deaths by drunk drivers each year. Are officials at the Housing Authority that naive, or do they simply not care. Furthermore, what message is this sending to the youth, don't drink and drive unless you are a CEO then it is O.K. If this is the statement that the Housing Authority is making then I question people who are making the decisions for WHA.

What if this were your doctor, or surgeon, or police officer, or teacher, or fireman, would this issue still then not be a public matter? Would you still talk about the number of successes these people have. I think not.


Yesterday when I went to get a back ground check on myself at the Clerk of Court so that I could renew my State Locksmith Licence I was surprise to see an increase of the fee. Starting 1 Sept. 2009 the increase will be $25 instead of the present $15 . It only took 5 minutes to completed the process of receiving the report. This included paying.

My concerns. Why would a county tax payer even have to pay for a service like this to maintain a job? Why the big jump in the increase? $25 for 5-10 min. work? I thought county employee are to sever the people not make money off them.  Just my thoughts.


Nationally and coming to your neighborhood soon is the " no texting while driving" law. Well if we shouldn't text when we drive then why should our law enforcement officers be allowed to use their laptop when they are driving? Is looking for a suspect on their laptop more important then watching the highway. Plus our fine officers speed down the street with no blue lights on . . . so there must not be no emergency. Now if you couple that with being distracted looking for Joe Blow could cause an accident. I think our Law Enforcement personnel should  look at their own habits before trying to make someone else not be pre-occupied. It's kinda like your parents when they tell you not to smoke when they do!


I want to someday shake Charlie Joyce, Jr.'s hand for taking a stand on something so basic. Where is the justice in deceiving a person into signing a document that your trees will be "topped", not chopped down completely--and then the airport deletes the word "topped" after the fact, having knowingly caused a deception. Where is our County Commissioners to require the airport to plant an equal if not greater number of trees elsewhere?  Where are the attorneys to seek an injunction against the airport which knowingly used "whiteout" to change the document after the fact?  Why didn't the airport plan in advance, knowing that clearance would be needed? Why didn't the airport extend the clearance in the other direction? But the main question is, why is our government allowing this deception to go unpunished? The young man and his father should be commended for taking a stand.

Anyone who has made a visit to Charleston can see the value in trees. They have a policy that any tree removed must be replaced somewhere else.  This is why the shopping centers and streets of Charleston are shaded and green.  I know that I, for one, will never use the local airport again; it's just as easy and cheaper to drive to Myrtle Beach or Raleigh for a flight.


I have a problem with the NC education lottery boasting of raising a billion dollars in the last 3-4 years, and in the same breath, we're hearing of cutting budgets in the schools. Where is all this lottery money going? If I choose to buy a lottery ticket, I expect the money to be used for educating students, not making someone's wallet fatter.

Perhaps we need some public skepticism, and maybe some independent accounting oversight, too!


I really think that there is a problem with what the public is told about the budget bill 202.  We hear about "raising taxes" and everyone flips out!  But what nobody hears about is the cuts that would be made otherwise-- speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy were going to be ELIMINATED for everyone with Medicaid.  These services can be life-saving to stroke patients and preemies.  Not to mention kids who need early intervention services to function and not start school further behind.  The government and news stations need to be aware that both sides need to be considered!  I don't want taxes raised, either, but not only do the citizens lose these services, but over 5,500 speech therapists would lose their jobs across the state because most kids get their services through Medicaid and businesses will not be able to survive with private pay caseloads!

Definitely something to think about


You have touched briefly on this topic before, but you never hit the highlights. I think that we NC residents should know exactly where this "education" lottery money is going. At this time our state's teachers are very underpaid and the education department keeps making severe cuts in the system, losing teachers, assistants and loss of equipment and supplies necessary to teach their classrooms. I am not a teacher, but correct me if I am wrong.. but doesn't the lottery say it's the NC Education Lottery? that implies that the proceeds should be going towards education. Well, that's not happening otherwise there wouldn't be a need for all these cuts. I think that your station should do a complete investigation into where the money is going and why it isn't helping our education system. The public has a right to know. Our children are suffering due to large class sizes, inadequate teachers (after all, why would a great teacher want to work for peanuts and have to put their own money out for supplies in his/her rooms?) My children are grown now, but I still pay taxes and have a right to know. please use the media to find the answers. Thank you so much for your time. Catherine Morgan  concerned about NC teachers.
PS: I moved here form upstate NY and we had a lottery that was supposed to help education and it went elsewhere, so I am aware that this is happening everywhere!!!!


I am a senior citizen and have no children in school, but I am confused about something - Every day parents are fined for not having children in seat belts or proper safety restraints while riding in their automobiles - yet everyday parents put their children on school buses with no seatbelts or other type of restraints.  School buses do have accidents too.  Is it important to protect children only in private vehicles?


My wife works for Lowes Home Improvement in the garden department at the Southport store. As summer approaches, the employees that work in that department need to keep hydrated. When the employees asked about having drinking water the management told them that they had to purchase a bottled water from a cooler that they keep full of soft drinks and water to sell to the customers! I am in the construction industry and am bound by OSHA to supply "cool, drinking water with disposable cups" to our employees. Should not a retail store be required to supply the same thing for their employees?


Students and teachers are the only two components absolutely necessary for education to occur.  Instead of cutting out teachers, why not investigate other budgetary items which do not directly impact learning.  Some suggestions:  state mandated testing is a major monetary drain which has not been proven to improve the quality of education.  In fact, since testing began, our drop-out rates have soared. Surely highly paid layers of bureaucracy, such as superintendents, supervisors, directors, consultants, etc., should receive pay cuts or be laid off before the classroom teachers.  As a life-time athlete and a former coach, I would even support a giant reduction in or elimination of sports prior to classroom instruction suffering.  Transportation policies and expenses border on the absurd.  Would it not even help the physical condition of students if they were required to walk a few steps to board a bus?  There are many ways the education budget could be significantly slashed without impeding learning by laying off classroom teachers.


Good Day.  I am the daughter of a couple who live on Hwy 210 East off of Hwy 17.  My mother has resided at this address since 1979.  Since buying their home they have been the recipient of a minimum of 2 or more car crashes per year .  These are not "fender benders" but are major crashes involving individuals who take a curve too rapidly resulting in being airborne and crashing into my mother's yard.  In 1995 there were actually 2 fatalities in the one crash.  There is repeatedly extensive damage to property entailing reconstruction of structures, foliage, electrical and plumbing, etc.  She has petitioned and implored the town and the NCDOT to do something about this (ie. Guard rail, warning signs etc.) but to no avail.  The DOT reports that only in the result of 3 fatalities within a years time can or will they do something.  Over the years this 2-4 family neighborhood has expanded into a community that now houses young children at play along this road.  No one seems to be willing to do anything about this.  I am hoping that this letter may inspire something in your TV station to step forward as a consumer advocate to help.  Anything that you could do to force awareness among the parties involved (namely the DOT) would be greatly appreciated.  I will be happy to submit any information that you may need to investigate this matter.  Thank you for your consideration.


I have nothing against young motherhood,but i feel that there should be stronger laws to protect the tax payers. we are the ones that our taxes are paying the unwed mothers. I feel that we wouldn't have a such a deficit if these young girls would be responsible for the entire medical bills and food for the children. also, if they weren't allowed to get free housing when we have so many elderly and mothers who work hard for what they have and try to teach their children the value of honest work never live off the government if need not needed. but if you figure out what it cost to take of the children and we pay for it, it is not fare. these young people need to be more responsible for their own bills and medical bills, housing, food. there are a lot of people who need these services that are not getting it due to the fact that were always baling out un responsible and inconsiderate people.


I know you will get lots of feed back from the Hurricane special that you had on Monday night. I just wanted to say that is one of the most informative things I have seen in awhile. Lots of history as well as great information to get us ready for the hurricane season. It made me think about really needing to get my family prepared for this season. Thank you WECT for doing a great job.


I love how people are so upset that Pender County Animal Control did not respond in a sufficient manor to the neglected horses in Hampstead/Surf City.  They are outraged that Sgt Mike Lewis felt the need to step in with Topsail Humane Society after he had been warned multiple time to stay out of cases involving animals unless assistance was requested from PCAC, and for disobeying he got in trouble.

What tops this all off is that when PCAC went before commissioners to propose a county licensing fee to help bring on more staff and funds to help animal control operate. The only people who went were hunters "who obey the laws, and would be punished for doing so" and did not support the proposal and it was unanimously turned down. Not one person felt there was a need for this ordinance. (Funny how many people I talk to that thinks there is, but we weren't even aware this meeting was happening).  How is PCAC supposed to handle all the calls they get with 3 officers - and how were they supposed to pay for the proper care of 10 horses, 8 dogs etc.. when they struggle daily to buy supplies for the animals in the shelter? (Which by the way all you law abiding hunters, go to PCAC any day and count the number of beagle and hounds that are dumped there and tell me you are responsible animal owners, I dare you.)  People complain that they already pay enough in taxes and don't want to pay more to care for the animals, I understand, I don't want more taxes either. But point the blame where it lies, not at animal control but at the people who decide their budget.  Without outside funding there is no way PCAC had the $$ in their budget for those horses, and restitution is a joke.

I am open to suggestions on how can help our county with our increasing animal problem.  See what WECT can stir up!


Recently, the NC Lottery is advertising that it has raised one billion dollars for education. I found the piece that you did on the lottery on May 12 and apparently others are asking themselves the same question: where did/does that money go? My wife has taught in North Carolina public schools for 30 years and never goes shopping without coming back with something to use in the classroom to the tune of as much as a couple of thousand dollars each year. She's not unusual because almost every teacher is doing the same thing: they care for the kids and the money is not always there for classroom materials.
Again my question is, where does all the money go that the "education" lottery takes in?


I want to thank you for My Turn, Your Turn. I really enjoy the commentaries.

I am also greatly concerned about speeding on our local highways. I live in Brunswick County and drive Highway 17 daily. I also travel to Wilmington frequently.

My concern is the speeding done by the law enforcement officers themselves. I see many Brunswick County deputies and also State Highway Patrolmen speeding daily. I cannot believe that every one of them I see is on their way to a call since the ones I am speaking of do not have lights or sirens on. I believe they should be held to the same standards we are. How this can be enforced I have no idea.

Also, in Brunswick County it was common for deputies to take their children to school in their patrol cars. I see some definite problems with this.

Thank you for allowing me to express myself. If any of this is brought up in your commentary please just say a Brunswick County native.


Thousands of teachers will be taking salary cuts in the next two months with word of more cuts to come. The constant questions that arise in our discussions are:

1. Exactly how is the "educational" lottery money being spent?

2. Who is the watch dog for the accountability of these monies?

3. If this money is supposedly to be spent only on educational needs, where is it specifically allocated to so that teachers know what programs are being funded by it?

The state plays a number of commercials extolling the success of the lottery but they seem rather vague as to what positive outcomes are achieved by it.


I recently saw a commercial from the state of North Carolina Lottery commission bragging of billions of dollars being brought in. Originally, this money was to be used for the school systems. Why is programs being cut and teachers being forced to take unpaid time off. Billions, huh? Where did it all go and why isn't our school systems seeing this money??


As a resident of nhc we have been trying for over 5 years to have something done with our street.  We live on a road that runs over 2 miles into our subdivision.  All we want are stop signs.  Local enforcement is null until something bad happens.  Even they speed through the neighborhood.  They say don't question the speed of a cop because they might be on duty but knowing a handful live in the neighborhood and wondering where the hurry was to go at least 55 in a 35 I followed him... to his driveway.  So plans may be plans but our opinion doesn't matter with these situations.  Government is Government and they have the final word.  So if you're ever in a hurry don't worry the ncdot said that 40 is a totally acceptable speed through a residential neighborhood and since no one exceeded 55 on their study nothing needs to be done.  55 in a 35, wow.  Don't worry about the kids, animals, and pedestians as long as you get where you're going on time.

Anyways, my turn...Government is Government they don't care about our opinion and they have the final word so don't waste your time.


I called 911 regarding an accident that took place on Carolina Beach Road.  When I called 911, the phone rang over a minute. I reported the accident and asked the operator what took so long to answer an emergency line.  She said there was just so many of them working and the phones were ringing all related to the same accident. My concern is, what if someone was dying and it took 911 operators 1 minute to answer the phone?  That's one minute too late.  Are we in such an economical crunch until we don't have an adequate amount of operators to answer a 911 call?


I have enjoyed your editorials for months now and want to thank you for being honest and putting it out there for everyone to think about. You seem to think like the public and since our government doesn't maybe your words will enlighten them.

I was wondering if you would consider an editorial about the street noise that comes from blaring car radios on a regular basis in downtown Wilmington. I'm sure you have experienced such noise at any stop light within city limits, but those of us who live downtown hear it on a regular basis. I have lived in the same house for 20 years and am now being driven out of this town. Unfortunately it's not the time to be selling a house so we will need to hang in until things get better and sell, or we get desperate whichever comes first. As I sit and write this my walls vibrate as the cars pass booming their radios, I don't live on the main road but a side street but am greatly burdened with this nonsense.

Can you help us? My next step is to get a neighborhood petition to request help from the police. This is against the law and I'm sure 50 or so fines would set a precedence that may deter such behavior. They could park at 17Th and Princess Place corners and write 50 tickets in one day!


It seems to me that instead of bailing out big companies who don't use the money wisely, or keep car companies afloat (but who's able to buy cars anyway).....that the American people should be bailed out.  It makes better sense to give the American people the money which would greatly stimulate the economy and be less expensive for the Government in the way they are going about it now.

If every American household were given at least 1 million dollars, I can guarantee people would be buying houses, cars, healthcare, etc.  "We the People" would be putting that money right back into the economy which would benefit the banks, unemployment, Social Security, technology, education, housing and uninsured by decreasing the budgets that the Government is having trouble with already.

It's that simple.  If the Government is going to use the money anyway, give it to "We the People" and we will build our nation back up.


Personally, I have a problem with that term because I associate that word with a safe place. In our county, as with many others, that is totally untrue! It is interesting that you have mentioned the hours that these places are open. This has been a thorn in my side for quite a while. I do understand budgets and paychecks, but why could they not be closed on one afternoon a week or morning, and then opened later one afternoon or a Saturday morning or even a Sunday afternoon? People doing community service could do that with someone overseeing. It just doesn't make sense to only be open for adoptions when the vast majority of people are at their jobs. Also, for those shelters that do not have a spay/neuter program in place, at least handouts should be given with each adoption explaining the importance of getting that done. ALL vets could offer a discount for the procedure, even if it was for just a few dollars. Everyone loves a discount or bargain!

Please keep this story "alive" and do all you can to expose the truth. It will surely change the minds of many when they see what is really happening to these wonderful animals.



Now it is my turn. It upset me a few weeks ago when I heard that the postal service is in financial trouble.  It seems the wonderful era when we got real mail in the mailbox is over.  All my life some of my fondest memories have been that of writing letters and putting them in the mailbox and then receiving mail.  Now days, the computer has taken over.  I'm tired of emails.  I want some real mail.  I don't mind paying for this service.  Let's don't let the computer stamp out stamps.



I am one of the employees  that was working at the Dollar General in Castle Hayne the day it was robbed.  It is horrible that we live in such troubled times.  To know  that people would risk the lives of others, not just themselves, for such a small amount of money.  Myself and the others really didn't realize the danger we could be under.  I suppose being from small communities and being in a small community, we felt safe.  We deal with shoplifters and attempted shoplifters everyday, I don't think anything could have prepared us for this anyway.  The employee's of Dollar General In Castle Hayne would like to thank our loyal and loving customers, and the community.

Your support has been very much appreciated.  Although we are living in troubled times, it is a blessing to know that there is hope and goodness still out there.

Thank You

Crystal Fisher  on behalf of the Dollar General  Castle Hayne



I think a great spot would be a discussion of why Wilmington is cutting down our heritage trees at such an alarming pace.  With the recent Star News articles we are gaining some more momentum with the publics awareness of all the trees being cut down in Downtown Wilmington.  If Wilmington looks like a parking lot in 10 years it will be too late for the City and Co. Govt to appreciate their value to the economy and our quality of life.

If Savannah, Charleston, Hilton Head, etc. can do it, why can't we get it together?



You're always talking about something well when they brought the lotto to this state they said it was for education but i keep hearing about short fall and being out of money well were the heck is all this money going even in hard time pepole seem to be buying lotto tickets is it going to schools or was it all a lie just to get the lotto here?



First of all, I agree with more tickets being issued at this time.  My son is a 23 yr. old black male and drives a jeep.  He is unemployed since December.  Last month he was given a ticket for following too close.  Mindful there was no accident.  I couldn't believe it until he showed me the ticket.  He has no points on his license.  I told him they would probably dismiss it when he went to court.  They told him he had to go to driving school and the cost of that is around $200.00  I feel that situation of writing a ticket then going to court was a waste of tax payers money.  I did investigate the violation and to my surprise it does exist.  My investigation revealed there is four points associated with this violation.  I know there is a lot of people that are not aware of this.  Do you know how many times this happens?  I just feel like there was a quota to fill.



Can you guys look into why the county needs to look at asking employees to give up 40 hours of their hard labor. Everyone does not receive 70 to $80 thousand a year. I am a single person with house, car and other bills living the American Dream. We have had no merits, but our County leaders got 5%? The county is still hiring when you are requesting workers to give up. The county has said they will cut our accural leave and when you work for a company and has been a team player for nearly 19 years, accural leave makes your job a plus.

Hear me, I am greatful that I have a job and will gladly give up 40 hours to keep my job, but why are our top decision makers not thinking wisely. Each department needs to maximize their people. We have positions in the County for Customer Service, when you become employed, being respectful is a given. Some agencies has 3 HR personnel when you have a HR Dept? Due to these hard times, we need to think and act smartly.



Have you seen or heard a story about a stimulus package that is being considered for the Governors to use for infrastructure?  A representative named Charlie Wrangel wants them to only be allowed to hire unemployed minorities to do the work. Whites need not apply!  If you can verify the facts, I think it needs to be addressed.  I didn't hear the story myself but my sister did.  It is very upsetting that someone, anyone, would think this is a good idea.



If you want to see why this community pays the highest auto insurance rates send a video camera and a reporter to the intersection of Carolina Beach Road and South College Road, around 2-3PM while the left lane on Carolina Beach Road is closed due to the DOT installing the new intersectons controls.  It is like a Chinese Circus or worse.

This afternoon as we were going to the grocery store we went through that intersection and came very close to having a wreck in all the traffice and cars and trucks of all description trying  to merge into one lane with merging traffic on both sides.

I remarked to my wife that it was a accident just waiting to happen.  On our return through the infamous intersection what did we see?.  You got it, emergency vechiles that had responded to a wreck.

Myquestion is this, When the Dot knows the problems with the construction .lane clolsures, the volume of traffic that willl be affected and the knowledge if share my our  traffic control and law enforement why is not PROACTIVE measures of traffic control not implemented, the least of which  being on site to assist the motoring public?



I saw the story about the snowy owl this evening and wanted to let you in on a some local information. There is a birding group based out of UNCW. They should have records of a snowy owl seen on Masonboro Island during the winter of 1997-1998. I'm not quite cetain of the year but that's close. I notified one of their members, Greg Massey, that I had seen a snowy owl while surfing on the island. The owl was sitting on the beach and at first glance looked like a white garbage bag. It was a cold rainy day and I was thinking maybe one of the surfers in the water had bagged his gear to keep it dry. I headed towards the spot and the owl flew off. Mr. Massey was very excited when I asked him the odds of seeing a snowy owl in this area. He said he had spent days at the south end of Wrightsville Beach hoping to see the rumored owl. My notice to him confirmed the presence of the owl as it was the second reported sighting. I asked him why the owl was sitting on the beach. His response was the owl probably mistook the surfers in the water as fishermen and was hoping to suppliment it's diet with scraps of fish. This is a fairly common practice for these owls when food supplies are scarce. Mr. Massey also noted that Masonboro Island was the furtherest south a snowly owl had ever been visually confirmed.



They are building a new Brunswick hospital on route 17 in Brunswick county. The question is what will become of the old hospital. Why not make it a veterans hospital. There is not one in New Hanover, Brunswick, or the north part of South Carolina. A veteran has to travel to Favayetteville to go to the hospital. Yes, there is an office in Wilmington for minor problems and it has had many complaints. A friend of mine had to wait three months to get a pair of glasses. Don't our veterans deserve better! However I have a better question. If you are on Medicare, welfare, or in prison you can go to any hospital! But if you are a veteran you can't. Don't our veterans deserve better. They went to fight for all of us and we treat them worse than any other group when it comes to medical benefits. Don't you wonder why that is ,well I do you see I'm a veteran of the Vietnam war.

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