Lifewatch: Introducing a new sibling

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - Some toddlers and pre-schoolers have a tough time adjusting to a new baby brother or sister.

It's important to prepare your child when you know you're pregnant, so your kids know what to expect and have time to adjust.

Pediatrician Michelle Tang said it's not unusual for parents to be concerned about the transition.

"The child who once used to be the center of Mom and Dad's universe now has to share the spotlight a little," said Tang.  "So jealously is something that is not uncommon. It's important to make sure routines are set before the arrival of the new baby. Any big changes -- potty training, transferring out of the crib. Make sure those are done well in advance of the baby's arrival."

Experts tell parents not to be surprised if the older child regresses and to be sure to make time for them every day to help them feel special.

Check with your hospital about sibling preparation classes or bring you child to prenatal visits to help prepare your them for a new addition to the family.

Make sure you allow them a chance to ask questions about the baby.

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