Lifewatch: Medical marijuana

Reported by Claire Hosmann - email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - Many states are letting voters decide whether or not to allow marijuana for medical reasons.

It is now legal for doctors to prescribe the drug in Michigan, but some doctors aren't comfortable with the law.

While some patients aren't comfortable asking their doctors for pot, they will go to a marijuana clinic.

Julie Kunze has MS and is on multiple medications, but nothing seems to ease the pain or stiffness except for marijuana.

Even though the drug is legal in Michigan and a dozen of other states for medical use, Kunze's neurologist wouldn't prescribe it.

Kunze decided to call Michigan's first marijuana clinic and was approved for an appointment.

The Southfield clinic is run by the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Oregon that runs 17 of the clinics in 8 states.

Kunze filled out a questionnaire, met with the clinic director, and paid the $200 fee.  Then Kunze met with a nurse and a doctor.

In this case, the doctor was an ophthalmologist who now works in medical marijuana clinics.  He gave Kunze a letter that allows her to legally smoke weed.

Julie has to go through some extra work to get the permission, but it eases her pain.  She says having pot means the world to her.

You can expect to see more of the clinics added in Michigan and other states in the future.