Cape Fear Chapter of the Red Cross is on stand-by to assist during the Inauguration

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Red Cross organizations on the east coast are on high alert in anticipation of the Presidential Inauguration.

The Cape Fear Chapter has 12 volunteers on-call, ready to help any way they can.  Their disaster relief vehicle is stocked and ready to go if assistance is needed.

The Red Cross has been supporting Inaugurations for 100 years.

Washington, D.C. volunteers will be providing meals, snacks, and drinks to law enforcement and first responders.  They will also assist in handling crowd control in the area.

"This has a lot of historical qualities that some of the other Presidential Inaugurations we've been involved in have not had," said Executive Director Vicki LaBelle.  "We expect a larger number of people to attend this year, but they are very well prepared for this event. We are all hopeful that nothing occurs and it's just a wonderful day for everyone."

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