A case involving a Brunswick County principal and parent has ended

Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Court cases involving a Brunswick County Elementary School Principal and a parent have come to an end.

Patricia Rourke, the principal for Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School and parent, Tracey Danka were scheduled to appear in court Friday, Jan. 16, but all charges have been dismissed.

According to District Attorney Rex Gore, a confidential agreement was met among the parties.

According to documents given to the district attorney's office, the parties have agreed to have no further contact.

"My office was prepared to move forward in these matters," said Gore in a press release.  "However, this agreement appears to be a good resolution of the grievances among the parties and protects the State's interest, too."

Danka had taken out misdemeanor charges of communicating threats against Rourke in 2008.

Danka was later arrested and charged with simple assault after Rourke claims Danka motioned her hands towards her in a threatening way.