Wild game tasting in Sampson County

Reported by Max Winitz - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

SAMPSON COUNTY, NC (WECT) - People will be able to try some unusual recipes at a wild game tasting in Clinton this weekend.

Eating what they hunt is a big part of life for David Willis, Peggy Cabbis, and Joe Warren.  The three Sampson County residents will bring their unique recipes of racoon and beaver to share with everyone at the tasting.

"We are gonna prepare venison chili," said Willis.  "We have the venison here in the pot thawing out now."

Willis, Cabbis, and Warren are participating in the annual Friends of Sampson County Waterway Wild Game Tasting.

"We'll have alligator," said organizer Ralph Hamilton.  "We'll be cooking a hog, deer, venison, duck, squirrel, rabbit, bear, and caribou.  There's no telling what we're going to have."

Warren is preparing bear meat from a 600 pound animal that was hunted by a friend of his.

"It's delicious," said Warren.  "If he comes to get one piece, he's going to come back and get another...if there's any left."

Willis said his venison chili will be just as popular.

"If it's prepared properly, it's very good lean meat," said Willis.  "It's much leaner than beef.  It's just a wonderful food."

Cabbis is going to prepare duck marinated in a french onion soup mix for the tasting.

For many it is out of the ordinary to eat these animals, but why not try something new?

The wild game tasting will take place Saturday, January 10 at Owens Home Furnishings at 701 Business Highway.

The gate opens at 11:00 AM and food will be served around noon.  Admission is $5 for adults but is free for children 10 and under.