My Turn, Your Turn: The War in Iraq

By Gary McNair - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Recently, something happened in our business that I find troubling, and maybe you have heard about it too.

The traditional networks, CBS, ABC and NBC have pulled their full-time reporters out of Iraq.  In their views, the war, which is about to enter its sixth year, is no longer a story.

I have a theory on how they came to that conclusion.  It seems to me that the war stopped being "news" shortly after the "surge" started working?  It was like it was no longer a big story after it became a good story - after things started going right for the U.S. Military.

I think there is something very wrong with that.  We still have troops on the ground and it is still a very dangerous job.  Terrorists still exist.  Roadside bombs still explode. And there is still the difficult task of getting three religious factions to put their differences aside and come together.  And some of our soldiers are still dying.  But not as many as before, so the networks think they should use their resources elsewhere.

Well we may now finally be winning the war.  But how will we know?

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Viewer's Response:

I agree to a point as to why some of the networks have pulled out. Many of the journalists who were being captured just for selfish glory on the insurgents part. I  believe we do need to have re[oerters on the ground at the same time. This is still war and we are losing soldiers on a consistent basis. I am personally speaking froma Military's wife perspective. My husband is to be deployed again this yearand it sickens me to know end to know he will be going over again, but we need to show the good our Military has/is accomplishing over there. I am very proud of my husband and all of our soldier's. It takes a real American /hero to stand up to what they  believe in when so may do not. Again, i think more coverage of the War would be beneficial.. Not only for the public but to let our guys know.. Hey!! we saw,we heard what you are doing over there and Thankyou!! and let's  GodBless the Miltary families


I can't believe this. I have family members in Iraq right now, and America doesn't think it's important news. I want to know everything I can about whats going on in Iraq, everything that happens in Iraq affects us. We need to know the good, and the bad. We have watched all the bad things happen in Iraq, It would't hurt to finally be able to see things getting better. I know it would ease my mind, about my family members in Iraq. America needs some hope, because everyone knows someone that is going to Iraq, or been to Iraq. We need to know everyday how things are going. We need to know. This is America, We have our family members in Iraq there is no reason why this should not be our number one priority, to know what is happening there.


Since all the networks television was in the tank for Obama, anything, including the "death and destruction" in Iraq making George Bush and the Republicans look BAD was GOOD, even though we were winning the war. But now that the election is over, no need for that.  The focus is on how BAD the economy is, along with Obama's reiterations and exaggerations of same, is GOOD so that when the economy recovers, as it will even if nothing is done, Obama and the Democrats will get the credit. No mention will be made of how BAD the hugely increased deficit will be, because now it will be GOOD because the Democrats created it.


I used to watch the news every night but for months & months I stopped watching because of the war. I could not hear any more stories of soldiers dying or being maimed or about civilians being killed or being maimed. If I heard you correctly, you said in 'your turn' that "the surge is working" and you think that is why the war is no longer "news". I find that very hard to believe. Is it possible that this is an unpopular war and certain news professionals/executives/producers realize that? And, I believe I heard you say we are "beginning to win the war" but you also said soldiers are still being killed, road side bombs are still going off, etc. Thinking "we can win the war" may very well have been what began a war and continues a war we should not have entered. I don't believe there are 'winners' in a war. I love my country, I love our soldiers (my husband is retired military and our son is currently in the military) but I want this war over!!!!


I absolutely agree with you're My Turn Your Turn on the Iraq War.  There are so many good things the US Military is doing over there, yet the media seems to only report on the bad.  The old saying in media has been "if it bleeds it leads", well it looks like the big three networks are following this.  I also believe that there is liberal bias in the media.  I hope that we don't forgot about our soldiers who risk their lives everyday on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan just because it's not news according to NBC, ABC, and CBS.